Pick of Stephen Colbert Shows CBS Hates You, America

-By Warner Todd Huston

Stephen Colbert has been chosen to replace David Letterman as the next host of the Late Show. The pick proves that CBS has declared war on middle America by purposefully choosing a host who has made a living ripping everything America is to pieces while pretending to be its advocate.

Mr. Colbert, who ever he is, has made a living pretending he is someone else. For years he usually plays to a much smaller audience on the Comedy network with the false front of a “conservative” talk show host. His persona is a spoof, of course, and is meant to make you hate conservatives, not root for them.

His show is meant to pick apart religion, slam the Constitution, ridicule American history, and attack his guests in an attempt to “expose” them for some such thing.

Stephen Colbert means to ridicule you, America.

Now above I said, “who ever he is.” I didn’t say that only in a dismissive way, though that certainly fits with the audience he has played to for most of his career. His show is routinely beaten in the ratings by repeats of Spongebob Squarepants.

But it is true that his audience has grown the last year or so. As Leno was winding down his show, for instance, late in 2013 Colbert did top him in the ratings for the first time ever in the key 18-49 demographic.

It seems clear that CBS chose Colbert in the hopes that he’d bring the young (usually male) viewer with him when he takes over for David Letterman.

But since CBS is not hiring “Stephen Colbert,” but instead is hiring Stephen Colbert, it is likely that his young audience who likes his ass-hole humor and attacks on the US will soon quit in disinterest when Stephen Colbert is forced to do less of that sort of thing or risk having celebrities stop showing up.

Further, no one has ever seen the “real” Stephen Colbert. Every last second of TV footage he appears in is the Colbert in his over-the-top, sarcastic, eyebrow arching, overacting “Colbert” persona. No one even knows who the real Colbert is.

When he has to try to act like a regular human, that is likely to drive his Comedy network audience away.

Still, whatever happens, it should be noted that CBS thought it was a great idea to bring a guy that clearly hates the United States of America from cable to the network. CBS sees no reason why America shouldn’t embrace a guy who clearly hates most Americans.

Stephen Colbert hates you, America. And obviously so does CBS.
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–Samuel Johnson

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Pick of Stephen Colbert Shows CBS Hates You, America”

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