‘Queer Theory’ Professor Charged For Assaulting a Teenaged Pro-Life Demonstrator

-By Warner Todd Huston

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Yesterday I wrote about how Democrats in Cincinnati threw a big welcome home party for a criminal convicted of vote fraud. Even MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, a man guilty of inciting to murder, came on down to Cincy to celebrate this criminal. Well, now, with the tale of a “queer theory” professor from the U of California who has been charged of physically assaulting a teenaged girl who was protesting abortion, I have yet another story that shows that to be a Democrat/liberal/communist is to be a supporter and promulgator of crime.

To recap, the Cincy story was that of vote fraud criminal Melowese Richardson who was convicted of voting six times in the 2012 elections. Race agitators convinced the state to release this criminal after only a few months in jail because RAAAAAAAACISM. Upon release, local Democrats and national headliners threw a big party for her celebrating her criminality and urging everyone to be juuuuuust like her.

I was noting that even though Democrats are criminals as a matter of course, at least they had the decency in days past to be ashamed of being convicted of some crime or another and acted duly chastised. These days they have no shame whatsoever and actually celebrate their criminal behavior as is obvious by the gala celebration given the Cincy criminal.

Well, this week we se yet another example of this criminality celebrated as all things good and right.

I wrote about he incident at Breitbart: “Feminist Professor Charged for Attacking Pro-Life Teen.”

Professor Mireille Miller-Young proudly walking off with stolen property just before she assaulted the owner of that property.

As it happens a so-called professor at the University of California-Santa Barbara was charged with one misdemeanor count each of theft, battery, and vandalism after attacking a teenager protesting abortion on the campus on March 4.

The girl and her 21-year-old sister were hosting a protest against abortion in one of the school’s “free speech zones”–where everyone is supposed to feel safe from attack–when this fascist “teacher” went ballistic and began to assault the girl.

The professor, one Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young, a professor of feminist studies who specializes in “queer theory” and also teaches courses in pornography, eventually physically attacked the 16-year-old girl.

Police finally charged this criminal with the assault weeks later. When she was charged she had a few words to say about her crime. And none of those words were “I’m sorry,” as it happens. No, in reality she said her criminal behavior was justified.

In later interviews, the professor claimed that she had a “moral right” to physically attack the pro-life demonstrators and said she was somehow “like” a “conscientious objector.”

The professor also blamed the protesters for her own criminal behavior saying that the teen girl “triggered” her.

Once again we see leftists perpetrating crimes then proudly standing up owning them and saying their criminal behavior is all right and good.

In an ordered, respectful society, this Miller-Young scumbag would be immediately fired from her taxpayer funded job. But we do not live in such a society any longer.

This is where we’ve come to, America. We have an entire political sector of our country, one of the biggest and most powerful factions in our history, who have absolutely no respect for the law–any law. They flaunt it openly and claim it as a badge of honor when they are caught and convicted of doing so.

We are one step away from the end of our society and entering into a state of nature. The Second Amendment is becoming more indispensable every day!
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–Samuel Johnson

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