Illinois Wins Again: Worst Unemployment Record in USA

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois continues to rack up plaudits as one of the worst states in the entire country for every measure that makes a successful state. Bad bond ratings, among the highest for people moving away from her, worst pension messes, crummy education, etc. And now, Illinois has won the booby prize as the single worst state in the union for its unemployment track record. Yaaaa, Illinois.

At 9 percent unemployment, Illinois now has the worst unemployment rate of every state around it in the Midwest. But even worse for the Land of Sinkin’–er, I mean Land of Lincoln–the state has the worst downward trends in employment for the whole country. Illinois’ unemployment rate has gone up more times than its gone down and that is the worst record in the whole country over the last five years.

As the Illinois Policy Institute recently noted, “Illinois’ recovery from the Great Recession has been hindered by self-inflicted wounds. After the 2011 tax hikes, the Illinois jobless rate jumped from 9.4 percent to 10.2 percent. The US average declined in the same period.”
Meanwhile, in the surrounding Midwestern state, every state but Illinois has had a downward trend for unemployment by about an average of some 2 percent. And yet, Democrat controlled Illinois has seen unemployment go up and up.

During the 1860s Illinois was called the “Sucker State” because of the plentiful river fish. But this nickname should be brought back because it is much more fitting today–but for a wholly different reason. Because anyone who lives here and isn’t planning to move elsewhere is a sucker.

But isn’t it interesting that the state that gave the U.S.A. Obama’s political career is the worst state in nearly every metric in the whole union?

But maybe things are looking up for Illinois. The state’s biggest, most bankrupt city, the place where more politicians go to jail than any other, the city of big shoulders, the Windy City, Chicago, has just been awarded with the left-winger’s most prized award. Chicago was named America’s 2014 Earth Hour Capital! The city that can’t pay its bills is tops with greenies. Yaaaa Chicago.

What a farce.

Here are just a few more of the “low lights” of Illinois’ standing among the states:

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