Gay Kid in Louisiana Says ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Made Him Feel ‘Unsafe’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Here is the nonsense that the media creates with its untrue “reporting” of the “news.” A gay teen in Louisiana now claims that because of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, he has been made to feel “unsafe” living as a gay person in Louisiana.

This from a “closeted” gay student in West Monroe, Louisiana who wrote an essay saying how unsafe he feels because of what Robertson said about gays.

After an interview with Robertson went viral, the old media establishment went wild calling his comments “hate speech,” and “anti-gay” and ramping up pressure on the A&E cable network to fire him from his reality show. All this unfair reporting filled with lies impacted this student in a negative way–as one might expect.

The unnamed student wrote his essay, titled “I Can’t Be Gay in Northeast Louisiana,” and had it posted on a blog written by Robert Mann, a columnist for the Times-Picuyne.

The teen absurdly claimed that Robertson’s comments was encouraging “gay bashing.”

The teen went on to say that Robertson “encouraged–hopefully unintentionally–a two-week-long “fag bashing” in Monroe and around the world. He made me feel unsafe in my own home. I can’t count how many times I heard ‘faggot’ over the Christmas visit home.”

This poor, deluded kid then hyperbolically said, “Phil Robertson threatened my life because I had the audacity to be who I am.”

This is, of course, all complete nonsense.

Phil Robertson did none of what this wild-eyed homosexual student accused him of doing. Robertson encouraged no “gay bashing,” he did not personally pass judgment on anyone, nor did he threaten anyone.

All this is a result of the lies the media pushed about Robertson’s comments and people’s reactions to those lie-filled reports.

When the media said that Robertson “compared” homosexuality to terrorism and bestiality, well that was a lie. All Robertson did was paraphrase a list of sins as written in the Bible. A list of things is not a “comparison,” not a “likening,” not saying they are “akin” to each other, and is not saying they are necessarily the same.

A list is just that; a list. If you make a list of crimes, for instance, both murder and petty theft will be on the same list. They are both crimes, of course, but no one would say that murder is “the same” as petty theft.

I know I’ve written this here before but it must be repeated a million times to break through the liberal media’s lies.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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