You’ll Never Guess Who is Charged with a ‘Hate Crime’ for the ‘Knockout Game’

-By Warner Todd Huston

All across the country African American teens have been perpetrating the “knockout game,” a crime where teens run up behind a white person and attempt to punch them hard enough with one hit to knock them out. This black on white crime has been considered a “hate crime” by many but there never been a case prosecuted as a hate crime… until now. And, naturally, it’s a white guy being charged!

With all the hundreds of attacks by blacks on white people, not one charge of a “hate crime” has been leveled at these criminals. But now we are finally seeing one of these attacks prosecuted as a hate crime. But the perpetrator is white, of course. In Texas, a white man named Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, has been charged with a so-called hate crime for a “knockout game” attack on an elderly black man.

On November 24, Barrett snuck up behind a 79-year-old African American man and hit him hard enough to send him sprawling to the ground. Then witnesses said that Barrett laughed and said “knockout game,” to his victim.

The federal complaint reports that the elderly victim suffered two fractures to his jaw and had to undergo surgery to have two metal plates installed so that the fractures could heal. He also lost three teeth to the surgery and spent four days in the hospital.

Barrett is now being charged with a “hate crime” under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

This legislation is pure nonsense, of course. In fact, one of the folks the law is named after, Matthew Shepard, wasn’t even a victim of a hate crime in the first place!

But it is a “hate crime” nonetheless according to United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson. “Suspected crimes of this nature will simply not be tolerated,” Magidson said in a press release. “Evidence of hate crimes will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted with the assistance of all our partners to the fullest extent of the law.”

But, isn’t this just typical? After thousands of black on white “knockout game” crimes, we’ve seen not one “hate crime” charge. Yet, we get one white on black “knockout game” crime and suddenly the entire force of the federal government comes down on the moron that perpetrated the attack.
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