Is Common Core Causing Kids to Self-Mutilate?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The new Common Core school curriculum is being panned by freedom-loving Americans everywhere, but even many education experts and others are against the new education scheme. Now, a clinical social worker in New York is saying that the Common Core system is causing kids to self-mutilate.

Mary Calamia of Stony Brook, New York, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, recently testified at the Suffolk County Education Forum hosted by the New York State Assembly Minority Education Committee and said that the Common Core system is causing many unforeseen problems for kids.

The forum was held to discuss the increased instances of self-mutilation being seen in students, especially among honor students, since Common Core has been implemented.

Calamia says that the increased stress on students visited upon them by Common Core requirements are driving them to perform these increased instances of self-cutting. But this is happening because, in her opinion, the kids are being expected to perform things that they simply don’t have the physical abilities to perform.

The tasks, she says, require a more developed prefrontal cortex that kids just don’t have. Because of the lack of neurodevelopment, the child’s mind will tap into the limbic system where fear and anger rule the logic, she says. The result, Calamia says, is destructive behavior, including self-mutilation.

As Joe Miller summarizes, “In her opinion, much of this self-mutilation is induced by the stress of repeated testing and the nature of the questions in testing. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed in young children, yet the kind of questions common core asks children requires a developed prefrontal cortex. Because of the lack of neurodevelopment, the child’s mind will tap into the limbic system where fear and anger rule the logic. The result is series of destructive behaviors, including self-mutilation.”

This Common Core is simply the worst. It needs to be eliminated.

If you are interested in finding a group in your state that is fighting Common Core, there is a list of Facebook Groups by state that you can see HERE.

Have you had any interaction with Common Core in your area?
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