Cancer Patient Who Lost Policy Can’t Afford New Obamacare Policy, Will Just Die

-By Warner Todd Huston

For being a law that was supposed to be “saving lives” because of the “emergency” of our healthcare system, Obamacare sure is killing a lot of people. Take Bill Elliott, for instance. He has cancer and used to have insurance that was keeping him alive. But now, thanks to Barack Obama, he’s lost his healthcare and cannot afford its Obamacare replacement. So, he figures he’ll just have to die.

Looks like “death panels” to me. How about you?

Mr. Elliott went on the Megyn Kelly show last week to inform the nation that Obama has given him a death sentence.

After Bill Elliott’s $150 per month healthcare plan was canceled as a result of Obama’s Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), he found himself unable to afford the new $,1500.00 per month premium costs and higher deductible that are a result of the new regulations under Obamacare. He is choosing to pay the federal fine and “let nature take it’s course.”

In other words, folks, he’ll pay the “fine,” and let his cancer simply kill him because he now can’t afford to fight it thanks to Obama’s death panels.

By the way, Elliott also says he voted for Obama, so this isn’t someone who had a hate-on for the President all along.

Of course, Obama has been lying to us for four years about being able to keep our insurance. For four years he said we could keep our insurance if we liked it. He was knowingly lying the whole time.

So, how many of you are losing your insurance thanks to this murderous president?
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–Samuel Johnson

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