Wait, Now White House Admitting We CAN’T Keep Our Insurance?

-By Warner Todd Huston

For years we’ve heard President Obama saying that with his Obamacare plan we could “keep our insurance” and we could “keep our doctor” if we like them. This, of course turned out to be a blatant lie and over the last few days one Democrat after another paraded in front of TV cameras to insist that Obama didn’t lie. But now, all of a sudden, the White House is agreeing that we won’t be able to keep our insurance.

As seen in the video above, on Wednesday, October 30, White House spokesman Jay Carney actually admitted it: we can’t keep our insurance.

Of course, Carney floated a new lie to distract from the fact that Obama has been lying to us for years. He said that all the new insurance plans are “better.”

But here is the thing… if poor and lower middle class people couldn’t afford insurance before, they sure as heck can’t afford it now that it is more expensive. Worse, the new insurance plans have thousands of dollars in deductibles and this makes the “new” insurance worse than useless. After all, if they can’t afford the yearly premiums, how can they also afford higher premiums on top of thousands a year in payments they’ll have to make to doctors before their insurance will even kick in?

High deductible insurance is useless for anything other than a catastrophe. It is useless for regular health maintenance and occasional sickness and that is the sort of thing that Obama said he wanted to afford everyone.

Worse, Obamacare means that all insurance is 100% controlled by Obama. There is no “private” insurance anymore. There is only insurance that meets Obama’s standards.

Still, Obama has been lying for years. Here is a little montage of those lies…

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