Sen. McCain Slams Republicans Comes to Aid of Extremist Democrat Durbin

-By Warner Todd Huston

Folks, here is just another example of why Senator John McCain is a traitor to the Republican Party. On October 28, McCain came to the support of Democrat Dick Durbin, one of the worst, most partisan hacks for leftism in the Senate.

Last week Durbin promulgated the outright lie that Republican House members insulted President Obama to his face in a meeting at the White House. Durbin not only pushed the lie he sent out fundraising letters using the lie as its chief message.

Durbin told the nation that Republicans said to Obama’s face that they “cannot stand to even look at him.” This was a lie. It never happened and even the White House agreed that it never happened.

Almost immediately Durbin was informed that he was pushing a lie. But he did not back down. In fact, he sent out fundraising emails built on the lie.

Finally, a few days went by and he tried to back peddle. And who came flying to his side to help him smooth over a lie that was intended to destroy Republicans? You guessed it, purported Republican John McCain!

WLS’ Bill Cameron filed a story showing that McCain stood by this scumbag’s side as Durbin tried to spin his way out of being the liar that he is.

Folks, this is just more proof that John McCain is no Republican and should be shunned by all in his party. John McCain is a party traitor. He needs to be eliminated from the Senate.

NO Republican should EVER stand by this creep, Durbin. He is a hack, an extremist, and a lair that uses every avenue to destroy the right. He is not the sort of person that should be worked with. He is the sort that needs to be defeated, not associated with.

Remember, Durbin is the same liberal scumbag who said our soldiers are just like the Nazis (see video below).

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