Allen West: It’s The White Liberals Who Are The Racists

-By Warner Todd Huston

Allen West, former Congressman from Florida, is always right on target with his comments, we all know, and his recent Facebook post was exactly right. It’s the “white liberal progressives” who are the real racists in American society.

On Tuesday, October 22, West took to his Facebook Page to lay out the truth.

“And another thing,” West wrote, “beyond Grayson and his cross, there’s Democrat Senator Harry Reid refering to Barack Obama as light-skinned and not speaking in “Negro” dialect. And Democrat Vice President Joe Biden refering to Barack Obama as “clean and articulate.” Where oh where is the outrage from NAACP, National Urban League, Congressional Black Caucus, Rev’s Jackson or Sharpton? Oops, I forgot — white liberal progressives have a get out of jail free card. It’s just tragic that these traitors are selling the black community out to the party of slavery, Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, literacy tests, poll tax, and modern day economic servitude. And they call me Uncle Tom?”

This comes on the heels of Democrat Alan Grayson’s use of the KKK as an anti-tea party message claiming that all tea partiers are racists.

It is obvious that liberals are the real racists here. Worse, they use racism as a tool to fool African Americans into voluntarily walking onto the liberal’s plantation.
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