Wisconsin Democrat Gets Jail Time for Voting for Obama Twice in 2012

-By Warner Todd Huston

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin man just received a six-month jail sentence for illegally voting for Barack Obama twice in the 2012 election. And liberals say there is no liberal voter fraud!

Chad Gigowski, 28, of Milwaukee has an excuse for his vote fraud, though. He was drunk and high on Election Day. And he’s “truly sorry” for his actions… more like he’s sorry he got caught.

The District Attorney, at least, thinks there was a deliberate quality to this fraud.

“Gigowki’s offense was deliberate,” Bruce Landgraf said. “He used an old driver’s license to vote early on Election Day in Greenfield and signed a form stating he was a Greenfield resident. Later that day, he used a Department of Workforce Development letter, addressed to him at a Milwaukee address, to register and vote in the city, and also signed a form that he hadn’t previously voted in the election.”

It is clear her was part of a Democrat fraud effort. One has to wonder how many Democrats got away with it where Gigowsk was caught.

As the Milwaukee Sentinel reports:

“The court will agree this is the most serious of all election fraud” offenses, Landgraf told Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Timothy Witkowiak. “Someone is seeking to dilute the vote of others…. It goes against the fundamental principle of one person-one vote.”

As you can see in the video above from last year, this isn’t the only time that vote fraud has been perpetrated by Democrats in Milwaukee. In fact, Milwaukee has a long, long pedigree of Democrat vote fraud.

Prosecutors say, “Starting Monday, he’ll serve six months in jail, with work-release privileges. After that, he’ll be on probation for 2 1/2 years. If he violates conditions of the probation, he’ll go to prison for 15 months.”

“In return for Gigowski’s guilty plea last month to voting twice, prosecutors dropped two related counts–fraudulent registration and registering in more than one place.”

There is one fact in all this, though. Nearly all vote fraud is perpetrated by Democrats and millions of votes in every election cycle are fraudulently cast by Democrat thieves and crooks. Am I all wet on this? Tell us below if you disagree with me.
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