NYC Muslim Advises to ‘Look in the Eyes when Talking to Whites. If You Want to Kill Them’

-By Warner Todd Huston

The media is attempting to claim that the arrests of two New York Muslims accused of having ties to the Taliban is a case of entrapment, but others are not so sure.

As Daniel Greenfield reports, court papers show that Humayoun Ghoulam Nabi and Ismail Alsarabbi aided the Taliban in getting guns and supplies and had plans to do much more. Nabi, the papers said, had “Zillions of trucks moving in and out of Kabul.”

As Greenfield writes, “He wanted to supply the Taliban with gear and then move up to weapons, saying that the American soldiers had the advantage in goggles, GPS and cold weather gear and that otherwise they were weak people who would perish, saying, ‘They will die, they will die, they are weak people you know, all those big muscle and all that is bullshit you know?'”

Nabi, 27, told an informant that, “he hated the United States and wants to take a stand.”

The filings also say that Nabi said of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, “They should kill them, and then cut them to pieces.”

Alsarabbi, 32, was allegedly working with Nabi to buy supplies and send them overseas.

Nabi wanted to build a non-profit organization and use that to provide resources for the “Brothers” in Afghanistan. And he spoke of bigger plans to aid the Taliban.

The court documents also say that Nabi talked of how he wanted to kill Americans.

“We have got to learn,” Nabi said, “their methods. They can read eyes, like immigration agents. Dogs, they read your eyes. Look in the eyes especially when talking to whites. If you want to kill them, you need wisdom and Allah’s help.”

Use their methods against them. They are bastards. We have to educate. This is what they are doing. They are raping out sisters. Bastards. If you want to kill them, use their methods against them. They are bastards, bastards, bastards, raping our sisters, We have to be careful. We don’t want to be caught in the beginning.”

This is the guy the left claims is being “entrapped.”
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