Huffington Post Stirs Race Hate With False Headline

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over at BizPac Review, Joe Saunders exposed a perfect example of how liberals take something that is marginally about race and giving it a misleading headline that is bound to get its race-baiting fans stirred up.

Saunders found a flog Tweet HuffPo sent out on August 14 that really stirs the pot and illegitimately so. The Tweet was meant to drive traffic to a particular HuffPo article and read, “New study: White people are too dumb to know they’re racist”, followed by a link to the article.

Oh, those evil, dumb, stupid racist, whites! Goshdarnitall.

Now, this Tweet doesn’t really even legitimately approximate the headline of the HuffPo piece, which is “White People Support Academic Meritocracy When It Benefits Them, Study Suggests.”

Even worse, the Tweet doesn’t even approximate what the study itself says, either.

What the study found was that when white students at universities are shown that a school has a majority of white students they think that test scores should be the main criteria for college admission. But when the schools are shown to be a majority of Asians, then the students felt that test scores should play a lesser role and, presumably, schools should institute some sort of affirmative action policy. The implication is that whites are only for affirmative action if it looks like it would benefit them.

Yet, despite what the study really found we get HuffPo calling all whites racists and “dumb” ones, at that.

Naturally HuffPo’s racebaiting fans went wild and, without investigating or even reading the HuffPo article, they piled on calling whites racists and swallowing the HuffPo Tweet as gospel truth.

But leave it to Twitchy to have the perfect point on this:

Isn’t the liberal mindset to do exactly what the study’s “racist” participants did? They saw a disparity between two ethnic groups (whites and Asian-Americans), so they made it easier for the under-represented group (whites) to get ahead by lowering standards. Just as former President Bill Clinton counseled. Now liberals are calling the study participants dumb racists for doing what liberals advocate. Ironic, huh?

It’s also called hypocrisy.

Exactly. These white students were brought up imagining that the race-counting feature of affirmative action is a proper policy to pursue. And here they are applying that concept to themselves. And why not? It IS what they are taught, isn’t it?
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