Crisis at the American Dinner Table‏

This mornings job numbers report is further proof that President Obama’s big-government agenda is failing Americans. This has been the most sluggish economic “recovery” in recent history. More Americans are unemployed under President Obama than there have been under the past 11 presidents combined. With a 7.8% unemployment rate, only 114,000 jobs were created in September. At this rate the Great Recession job gap won’t be closed until 2025. There are still over 12 million Americans unemployed today! With 4.8 million of those Americans having been unemployed for more than 27 weeks. For many, the American Dream is disappearing. Our economy is being stifled by the big spending and over-regulation of the Obama Administration’s policies.

All around the country, American families are suffering under policies that put the brakes on economic growth and leave millions jobless. Many American families are coming to grips with a crisis at the dinner table that is rarely expressed in statistics or campaign style rhetoric. That’s why AFP is launching a gripping new ad, called “The Dinner Table.”

If you are ready to fight back against Obama’s failing agenda and terrible economic policies, join Americans for Prosperity this Saturday for our 2nd National Prosperity Action Day. There will be 52 door-knocking events held in 16 states in an effort to educate American citizens on the failing economic policies Obama has implemented, and call on him to embrace policies that result in more economic freedom. This day of action will build on the incredible success of a similar event last week, when AFP activists made over 400 thousand calls at the 100+ phone bank locations using our state-of-the-art Freedom Phone technology. We hope you’ll join us for another great National Prosperity Action Day tomorrow!

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