NBC Pushes Unproven Claims of ‘Anti-Muslim Incidents’ In USA

-By Warner Todd Huston

When “journalists” confront conservatives, typically every claim, statistic, or assertion is challenged, but when talking to kindred spirits, reporters allow any manner of claim to pass by unchallenged. Such is the case with NBC’s interview of spokesmen for CAIR who, without any proof, were allowed to claim that “a spike in hate” against Muslims was occurring in the U.S.A.

Jim Gold of NBC News spends the more than half of his recent report giving spokesmen for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) all the room they needed to make the claim that after the Muslim rioters attacked American embassies in Egypt and Libya, they have seen more calls to their offices reporting hate crimes and discrimination against Muslims in the U.S.

Naturally, Mr. Gold never bothers to ask these Muslim activists for any proof of their claim. He just reports it straight as if it is simply a fact. If this were conservatives making such a statement, Gold would never allow the claim to be taken as Gospel truth without challenge like he did here. He would have had “experts” included in the story to rebut the conservative’s claims. But Gold did not seem interested in such “balance,” here.

There was another little fact that NBC’s Gold did not tell his readers: The FBI says CAIR works closely with the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently CAIR are the good guys as far as Gold is concerned so that fact is ignored.

Of course, this story is typical of the Old Media establishment. Every time there are outrages committed against Americans overseas by Islamofascists, the first thing our Old Media does is stampede to CAIR to see if evil Americans are oppressing American Muslims here at home. CAIR is only too happy to say there is and to use the opportunity for its own propaganda.

We know, however, that Muslims are entirely safe in America. All we need to do is look at the FBI’s hate crime statistics to see this born out. There we find that only 12 percent of crimes against religions in America are perpetrated against Muslims. On the other hand, a full 57 percent of religious-based hate crimes are committed against Jews.

But even those numbers are misleading because those percentages are built of a mere 160 reported incidents of hate crimes against Muslims while Jews suffered 887 incidents according to the FBI.

Still, Gold must have been heartbroken when he found that a large Islamic center in Tennessee had seen no “spike” in hate against them. He also noted that the New York Police Department reported no instances of anti-Muslim attacks in the Big Apple.

So, while he gave more than half his story to CAIR to claim that hate against Muslims is on the rise, Gold could find little proof of the claim.

Gold did find a Mosque in Missouri that was damaged by fire, but the only other instance of anti-Muslim sentiment he could find was some unrest in France. What that has to do with purported anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S.A. is anyone’s guess.

The exit question here is this: when was the last time that any Old Media outlet wrote a story worrying about anti-Tea Party violence?
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