Vogue Editor Pants: Bill and Hillary are the ‘World’s Greatest Parents’

-By Warner Todd Huston

So, not only was Bill Clinton officially the first black president, now he can add another great plaudit to his resume. According to Vogue magazine’s contributing editor Jonathan van Meter, Bill, along with wifey Hillary, might just be the “world’s greatest parents” because of how they raised daughter Chelsea. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

This slobbering sycophancy all came tumbling out during an interview with van Meter conducted by CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield aired on CNN on the morning of August 15.

As the subject turned to Clinton progeny Chelsea, van Meter really poured out the syrup.

I think one of the things the Clintons will go down in history for, it may very well being the world’s greatest parents. I mean, they did such an incredible job of protecting her from the likes of us, basically, and it’s an amazing thing that she’s decided to step out finally and do this.

Well, since he lost out for world’s greatest husband due to that whole serial adultery thing, I guess being the world’s greatest parent is a good runner up, isn’t it?

Van Meter went on to praise Chelsea as “remarkably articulate, poised, successful” despite that her last appearance in the public eye was a short-lived disaster. You might recall Chelsea’s ten minutes of fame as a NBC correspondent that basically ended in failure.

Both van Meter and Banfield went all out to hand Chelsea the “smartest girl in the world” award.

Van Meter: It’s amazing. And one of the things that I loved about her is that she has digressions that I described as frequent and lengthy where she’ll be telling a story, she’ll digress and you’ll learn so much in these digressions because she’s got this big throbbing brain. She’s so smart. Huma Abedin said, she may very well be the smartest person I’ve ever met.

Banfield: Holy cow, 32 years old, too. I was thinking, yeah, she’s probably 19 or 20. 32 years old, married and pressure from her mom, Hillary, to have grand babies. Jonathan, it’s a great read. It’s really, really terrific. It’s so insightful and it’s what you do best. I remember your Jennifer Aniston piece from a decade ago.

While Van Meter had effusive praise for the Clintons, Banfield had some disparagement for someone else. She really got her hate on for that darned ol’ Rush Limbaugh.

After scolding Limbaugh for what he said of Chelsea some 20 years ago, Banfield huffily said, “I hope Rush Limbaugh is watching this interview.” I guess because she thought her interview was “proof” that Chelsea was really the bestest lil’ gal in the world.

See Newsbusters for the whole transcript of the interview.
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