The First Lady’s Curious Theology

-By Rev Michael Bresciani‏

In America We Elect presidents, we don’t worship them. But the Weekly Standard blog offered a headline on April 17, 2012 that could be filed under ‘seeing it is still too hard to believe.’

In a short piece by Daniel Halper the headline was “Michelle Obama: ‘This President Has Brought Us Out of the Dark and Into the Light’ If it were not a direct quote taken from Michelle Obama’s rally speech at a campaign event in Nashville, Tennessee earlier the same day, we could only imagine that some virulent anti-Obama politico went too far and just made up a false and despiteful headline to hurt the Obama campaign. But the headline is quite true.

Here is what is apparent. The Weekly Standard is no religious website and Daniel Harper is no dialectical theological giant like Karl Barth or a great expositor of the scriptures like Charles Haddon Spurgeon, but it is also apparent that he wasn’t trying to be.

No one needs to be a theological giant to see that Michelle has overstepped the bounds of both common political discourse and sound theology. Jesus Christ alone is the light of the world (Mt 4: 16) and the power to dispel darkness is his alone to wield.

The theology of the Bible makes two things very clear. One is that angels are superior in every way to man, the other is that no angel in Old or New Testament ever allowed themselves to be worshipped. Most of them claimed to be messengers or servants of the Lord and abruptly halted any attempt to worship them. No Christian who has seen these examples would suspend the lessons taught by these examples and then worship a man, even if he is a sitting U.S. President.

In the one instance where a crowd was allowed to worship an orator after he delivered a speech, that orator (Herod) was stricken by an angel of the Lord and fell down dead. (Acts 12: 19 – 24) This event was also attested to by Josephus, the most widely known historian of the New Testament period.

Being on the subject of theology is why we must also compare the Obama policy, position and product on such matters as the gay agenda, abortion and recent offenses against both Catholic and Protestant churches with the extravagant outbursts of his wife.

Abortion, the gay life and interference with the churches doctrine and polity are all one hundred percent diametrically opposed to biblical doctrine. How do we get light from this?

In fact, if anything, when Obama policy is compared to scripture the one conclusion that is impossible to miss is that he is spreading the darkness and subduing the light.

Perhaps someone should inform Michelle that in today’s climate of economic hardships and uncertainty most Americans are waiting on Obama to dispel the debt not the darkness. It is also apparent to Americans, that at the moment, he has not managed to dispel either one.

We may expect the wives of our statesmen and politicians to be supportive and exuberant about the work of their husbands, but we still take exception with any attempt to raise them to the level of Deity.

First published in American Thinker April 19, 2012
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