Headline Potpourri 23: Cylon Sinks, Teabow’s Core, Downhill 33

-By Frederick Meekins

Is “John Carter of Mars” really as bad a film as critics suggest? Or is it that the story makes the unforgivable suggestion that there are malevolent, largely unseen, elements orchestrating the rise and fall of great powers as they plot the world’s overall destruction?

The head of the NAACP is flying to Switzerland to sing to a UN human rights organization of how nobody knows the troubles he’s seen. It seems laws in America requiring not only that shiftless deadbeats must show identification but that also make provision for state personnel to chauffer you to get your idea are an atrocity of near historic proportions. Wouldn’t UN efforts be better directed at investigating other alleged outrages such as the forced virginity examinations in Egypt?

A Gingrich campaign ad mocks Mitt Romney by insinuating that the former Massachusetts governor isn’t the type to pump his own gas. And you are going to tell me Gingrich pumps his own regularly? And what about Gingrich’s high maintenance ball-and-chain? Didn’t he about go into bankruptcy trying to placate her with fancy trinkets?

A public service announcement sponsored by Frau Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign is urging parents to manipulate children into getting them to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables per day since parents are the ones that tell children what to do. Since the government is the one telling the parents what to do, doesn’t that mean these agencies are manipulating adults in a similar manner from a standpoint of condescending superiority?

Religious leftists will no doubt work themselves up into an outrage that most Southerners still don’t cotton up to the notion of interracial marriage. It is claimed there is nothing in Scripture forbidding the individual from believing in interracial marriage. But neither is there anything in the Bible saying that you are required to believe in it.

A confidant saw a likely Obama voter at an area Walmart take a roll-on deodorant, apply it to his armpits, and then return the item to the shelf.

In a public restroom, these new cylon sinks are a delight as one doesn’t have to touch a filthy faucet for the water to turn on. However, the question must be asked. At some time in the future, will government force this upgrade on the residential sector? No longer would individuals be allowed to determine for themselves whether the water will be cold or hot. Instead, a bureaucrat will determine the tepid in between. Don’t laugh. Need one be reminded of low flush toilets? Already, utility authorities are taking steps through the proliferation of so-called “smart meters” so that they might ultimately be the ones to make your climate control decisions for you. Eventually, those insisting on determining for themselves the temperature of their water will be painted as opposing energy conservation or exhibiting insensitivity to childhood burn prevention.

If trollops in Virginia can afford to pay for their abortions, they can afford to pay for their own ultrasounds. If they are so poor, perhaps they should have a second job which would likely leave less time for fornication or adultery.

MSNBC analyst Karen Finney said conservative values are code words for promoting racism. If so, diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism are euphemisms for the deprivation of property, expression, and conscience.

Since Megan McCain has posed for Playboy and confessed to be a woman of questionable virtue, is it still a public outrage to categorize her as a slut?

Hillary Clinton insisted that violence against women is “not cultural, it’s criminal.” However, such an assertion is only valid if the principles upon which Western civilization rests are superior to those espoused by competing societies and ways of life.

Unless there is some audible voice indisputably from Heaven saying a steel frame nearly falling on Sandra Day O’Connor during her visit to the National Constitution Center in 2003 was some kind of divine judgment against her for errant judicial rulings, isn’t to insinuate such itself a presumption bordering on idolatry? It also raises a number of other questions. Since the falling beam missed, should we assume that God’s aim is off? Secondly, if something bad then happens to the person making this condemnatory statement against Sandra Day O’Connor, should we assume the person making the initial assertion is also on the outs with God?

A caller to the Chris Plant Show said only a mother can raise a fetus. Caring this reasoning to its logical conclusion, I guess men shouldn’t be required to pay child support.

An associate insists it is inappropriate for a woman to openly criticize a pastor. The associate also invokes some of the same Scriptures opposing women speaking in church and holding ecclesiastical office to oppose the involvement of women in politics. Thus, it must be asked, if hardline Christian Reconstructionists ever seize power, what would prevent them from eventually enacting laws and regulations that would abolish the public expression of women altogether?

The same ones that forbid a woman from expressing open disapproval of something going on at church are probably among some of the same ones that would enunciate rebuke should an individual decide to simply not return to the church to avoid conflict.

If a fetus is nothing more than a glob of tissue, why did the story of one found in luggage at a Miami airport rate a place as a top headline at Yahoo.com?

Little Rock Municipal Airport has been renamed after Bill and Hillary Clinton. Maybe the Mile High Club could move its headquarters there.

A Media Matters ad urges listeners to call their station to remove Rush Limbaugh because “we don’t talk to women like that”. But why not in reference to those fornicating so wantonly that they proudly demand the public pick up the tab for their birth control?
Rush Limbaugh said that Cheney deserves a new heart if the former Vice President can afford one. Does that insinuate that those with salaries and fortunes below Haliburton chairman levels don’t deserve to live?

If New York sports journalists grill Tim Tebow over his “core beliefs”, do the plan to pester Muslim or Jewish athletes regarding those as well? Is Michael Vick harangued on his positions regarding animal welfare?

Do those insisting the impropriety of government compelling the individual to pay for health insurance also hold to the position that it is improper for government and fellow citizens to pick up the medical bills of those being financially irresponsible by not purchasing health insurance?

Wearing a hoody doesn’t make you a hoodlum. However, vandalizing your school and allegedly slamming someone’s head against the concrete certainly does.

If one of the Supreme Court’s most formidable minds panics at the overwhelming length of Obamacare, just think what it does to the rest of us.

DC Mayor Vincent Gray is justifying the erection of additional speed and red light cameras as way to protect bicyclists. Will cameras also be set up to protect motorists and especially perambulating pedestrians from narcissistic bicyclists that just as blatantly flout the standards of vehicular propriety and decorum?

Marko Rubio is being considered for the Vice Presidency in part because he can allegedly bring in the Hispanic vote. Had anyone considered the importance of solidifying the “White Vote”? Does anyone realize that if Rubio shoots a Black man, given Rubio’s light pigmentation, he’d likely be considered a “White Hispanic”?

The children of Andrea Yates are unable to attend church because they were killed by their mother. So why should she be granted that privilege? The extent of her religious participation should be a worn Bible tossed into her padded cell. If a depressed father kills his kids, would he get a free pass from the loony bin to attend church?

That’s depressing news about a study that you are statistically happiest at 33 years old. If so, I demand a do-over.
Dr. Frederick Meekins is an Internet columnist. He holds a BS from the University of Maryland in Political Science/History and a MA in Apologetics & Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Practical Theology through the Master’s Graduate School Of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana. Frederick’s research interests include Worldview Application, Christian Apologetics, The Implications of Aberrant Theologies & Ideologies, Futurology, Eschatology, Science Fiction, Terrorism Studies, Environmentalism, Education Policy and America’s Judeo-Christian Foundations. Frederick is also an ordained Non-Denominational Minister and listed in “Who’s Who In America” and in “Who‘s Who Of Emerging Leaders“. Media inquiries can be directed to: americanworldview@hotmail.com. His books “Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors” and “Provide For The Common Defense: Thoughts Concerning The Nation’s Enemies” are available at http://stores.lulu.com/fmeekins. His blog, The Epistolizer, can be found at http://epistolizer.blogspot.com.

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