Obama Documents – UFOs, Bigfoot and the Link that is Not Missing

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

In that vast flying gaggle of fledgling Anglo-mangling verbiage-magicians, jacked journalists and giant egos like the Huffington Post, can be found about 10-15 stories about UFO’s at any time night or day. How many stories about the dozens of missing documents on Barry or the cries of fraud coming from the dozens of veteran investigators under Maricopa County’s Sheriff Arpaio – none. Yes, there have been a few, but don’t ask if they were prejudiced, biased, balanced or even tacitly reasonable. Only UFO stories seem worthy of that kind of fairness.

Huff has got some great writers but it always seems like they are an entourage sent to a deep woods junkyard in the country to go around and polish up the wrecks. In the end the stories, the bias, the celebs the events and the topics covered are still a heap of wreckage from America’s junkyard of old usefuls.

Being facetious doesn’t mean you can’t be factual. What is a fact is that Huff-Po and no one else in the pain stream media has ever been forthwith, reasonable or honest since Barack Obama’s place of birth and other missing elements of his former life first came into question. Those days are beginning to vanish even in the absence of judges, election officials and states AG’s who still haven’t found their way to Grand Wizard of Oz for some courage.

The big voices and chieftains have spoken.

One video floating around the cyber community for all to see is of Bill O’Reilly saying he doesn’t have time for the questions about the birth certificate. Then he proceeds to explain that the best evidence is the two birth posts carefully posted in local newspapers in Hawaii. He does not say that his findings are to be compared with the months of concerted efforts of dozens of seasoned investigators assisting Sheriff Arpaio and their findings. We can be thankful that he is not saying that, but his silence is only more of the same, it is now failure to reckon with a not so distant rumbling volcano.

Three years of making fun of “birthers” has resulted in a long list of undignified, indecent and unkind names to describe those in search of some facts. They are called crazies, conspiracy nuts, and a plethora of names that in the end, all add up to calling them all fools.

The search for Bigfoot, UFOs and vampires!

They are added to the class of wandering wayward wonkers who are endlessly searching for the leprechauns of Galway Bay. They are seen as the next best prospect for an episode of Mythbusters, or people who should just give up and join up with the search for Bigfoot gang. They are on a level with those who really think that werewolves and vampires stalk our city streets until dawn. They are held in the same regard as those who claim to have been abducted by aliens and taken aboard UFOs.

Oddly, none of these things are mentioned in their respective websites or blogs, unlike Huff-Po, UFO reports and other speculative myths and folklore are not tolerated. Among them are law enforcement officials, clergy, writers, politicians, statesmen professionals of every kind, military personnel and a lot of very serious down to earth Americans who believe very strongly that they have been lied to along with the entire nation.

Are the lawless calling the lawmen incompetent liars?

Sheriff Arpaio’s posse of retired veteran lawmen are among the best there is and their findings are being summarily dismissed out of hand by a band of media wimps and colluding crafty leftist lawyers who think they can hold back the tsunami of public discontent. Lincoln whose is famous for saying “you can fool some of the people all of the time…” may be crying out from his grave – ‘these are the people I was talking about.’

Sheriff Arpaio’s conclusions are clear and precise but the media is still adamantly insisting that after Barack was nagged by millions of searchers and notables such as Donald Trump and popped up with the new previously unseen birth certificate that an end to all things had come. Now the word ‘debunked’ is used when describing the call for proof. As if birthers have been de-mythed and lawmen have been de-fanged, the whole matter has been retired. Not so fast.

Arpaio believes there’s a stench coming from the barn. The Sheriff said, “Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic, – My investigators believe that the long-form birth certificate was manufactured electronically and that it did not originate in paper format as claimed by the White House.”

Forensics and Documents – The All-Important Link That Is – Not Missing.

The one supremely important difference between every conspiracy theory to come down the pike in the history of our nation and the missing documents and paper birth certificate of Barack Obama is singular, simple and glaringly obvious, yet it is overlooked by almost everyone.

What actual notarized, signed, officiated and certified documents exist on bigfoot, vampires, the extra shooter in Dallas, little green men, UFOs, Amelia Earhart, the bogey man, J.D. Cooper? The answer of course is – none.

How many birth records, school records and early records of childhood exist on Barack Obama? The answer here is obvious – all of them.

It takes no great power of deductive reasoning to see that the one difference between the birther’s assertions and all other theories now known is that documents for this great question do exist; the only difference is that they are blocked from public scrutiny.

The bottom line is nothing can be called a conspiracy, a theory, the truth or a complete lie until documents that do exist are seen by the eyes of anyone who needs to see them. All the hemming and hawing is so much noise without the available facts being seen, opened to the public and then acted upon. All forensics, law and common sense hinges on this fundamental principle. It is so embarrassingly rudimentary that it is almost painful to add this simple example.

Exactly who is driving your family car?

If after taking your teen to the DMV to get his or her first driver’s license you refuse to produce the required documents such as proof of residence, certificate of birth et al; what should you do next? Would you ask your teen to invite all his friends and a few relatives to the DMV and stand around calling the DMV workers, nuts, conspiracy theorists, crazies and whatever else came to mind.

Finally would you expect your teen to be granted a license to drive? Here is the saddest conclusion. Mr. Obama was given a license and is now driving your car, the car you call the United States of America.
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