Responsible Militancy Missing in Christian Leaders!

-By Don Boys, Ph.D.

If anyone is expected to be principled in their leadership, it is Christian leaders; however, most modern leaders, even Evangelical/Fundamental leaders seem to be limp-wristed, wimpy, self-seeking office holders. Yes, there are a few exceptions as expressed by a few hundred pastors who will not permit the IRS to influence what they preach to their flock. Those pastors made a vow to always teach, preach, and write the truth whatever the results. It seems they took their vows seriously. Most do not.

I am impressed with most Catholic leaders who contend that this administration will never succeed in making them change their church doctrine and convictions to submit to government authority. We will see if they mean “never.” Will Catholics really close churches, colleges, and hospitals in obedience to principle or become pragmatic and give in “just once.”

Most preachers, even in my Evangelical/Fundamentalist crowd, have had their spines removed upon graduation from seminary or at their ordination. They often seem to line up with such “loosey-goosey” evangelical leaders as Jim Wallis, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and the Christianity Today crowd. They are more interested in appearing to be gentlemen than in being obedient to God. They appear to be more interested in not offending the “wolf” (whom they are supposed to protect against) than in protecting the sheep.

Most church leaders fall into one of four categories relating to standing for truth: they are militant, moderate, mushy, or mad. The militant appear to be aroused, the moderate appear to be acquiescing; the mushy appear apathetic and the mad appear to be angry. A cursory reading of Old and New Testaments easily proves that all Christians, especially leaders, are to be responsibly militant: bold, brave, and benevolent in their leadership of others who are often less informed than their leaders.

The twisted thought that Christians are limp-wristed, pacifistic, cooing, non-confrontational people is not reflected in the Scriptures. We are to always be guilty of showing love but love without truth is often heretical and truth without love is often hateful. Weak Christian leaders use love as an excuse for cowardice. They stand in safe shadows and talk about taking a principled stand as long as they don’t have to take that stand. An appeal to love without truth is the first refuge of the incompetent and unprincipled leader.

Many prominent evangelical and fundamental leaders favorite color is grey, not black or white. While there are times when it is difficult to identify something as right or wrong, black or white, that is seldom the case.

Unprincipled people (all liberals) who can’t defend their nonsensical positions always go on the attack against their principled opponents or skew the issue under discussion. A recent example is Obama who somehow thinks he has authority (which he does not have) to demand that a church change its doctrine to satisfy him. His arrogance and ignorance are breath-taking and are unforgivable, unforgettable, and unconscionable. Hopefully, this action alone will also make him unelectable! It surely should!

The issue is: can anyone, any court, or legislature tell a church what it must believe and practice. An unknown number of Christians through the ages have gone to the stake willingly in opposition to power-hungry leaders. Such admirable commitment is beyond comprehension to unprincipled liberals–Democrat, Republican, and Independents.

All government entities must get the message: don’t mess with principled, committed Christians because they will not cave and that resistance will expose such tyrants to be the totalitarians they are. Of course, liberals are tyrants by nature.

Past generations of church leaders taught that Christians should have nothing to do with politics since it was dirty and beneath us. Now we know Pericles (430 B.C.) was right: Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you! It is obvious that political tyrants have taken an interest in church people.

Many, or at least some, Christians will stand for truth even if the stars fall from the heavens, the sun turns dark, and the moon turns to blood. Maybe a slight hyperbole, but a great preacher of the past, Bob Jones Sr. said, “Do right if the stars fall.” There is no compromise with evil.

Obama, are you listening? Maybe he will get the message on November 6, 2012!
Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 14 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. His most recent book is ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! His new eBook, The God Haters is available for $9.99 from These columns go to over 11,000 newspapers, television, and radio stations. His other web sites are and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.

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