Republican Candidate deFaria Wilts Under Political Spotlight, Attacks Media

-By Javier Manjarres

Congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria is beginning to melt under the political spotlight, as he once again is displaying a lack of judgment and temperament that is necessary to sustain the rigors of a congressional campaign. The Shark Tank recently questioned deFaria’s campaign advertisements as well as certain aspects of his background, a scrutiny which all congressional candidates should expect. But deFaria’s knee-jerk reaction to our story is unfortunately revealing- rather than deal directly with our documented and legitimate criticisms, he chose to malign your humble correspondent and the Shark Tank. This response shows that deFaria is not only thin skinned, he wound up embarrassing the Republican Party and his campaign.

Our report cited the following facts:

  • deFaria’s posting of DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz wearing a dog collar
  • deFaria stating that Wasserman Schultz needed to be “sent back to the pound.”
  • deFaria untruthfully stating the reason why Congresswoman Allen West tore into Wasserman Schultz in an email last year
  • deFaria’s admittance that he used a phony ‘Tea Party’ organization to promote his campaign
  • a list of public record court cases in which deFaria is named as a Defendant or a respondent

deFaria took issue with our criticism that asserts that his own words and deeds are questionable and will diminish his campaign- did he not take the time to think that his line of attack against Wasserman Schultz not only isn’t very original, but that it could be potentially used against him if he were the Republican nominee? (Shark Tank- original deFaria story here)

deFaria is actively promoting this ‘Doggie Debbie’ website and told the attendees of the recent SRLC convention in Charleston that ‘DWS’ “needed to be sent back to the pound.”continuing with the “Debbie is a Doggie” motif. We simply questioned if deFaria’s repeated caricature of Debbie as a dog with an aggressive looking dog collar is really a smart way to criticize her and broadly appeal to the masses of people in her congressional district.

deFaria’s feeble response to our criticism was made in an obscure Broward website that has a history of running cover for the embattled Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC), and the site that has done all but endorsed deFaria. It’s also the same website that Redstate’s Erick Erickson smacked down last year for its lack of journalistic integrity and hack reportage.

What’s most humorous about this sad saga is that deFaria’s official statement claims that he was the victim of a “vicious attack” that he posted on his campaign website:

We’ll never know who paid for his most recent attack on Ozzie, but it’s not a coincidence that Debbie Wasserman Schultz said ‘Ozzie will get what’s coming to him’ and then a local paid political blogger launched a full front assault on Ozzie’s character. The charges made on the hit piece are either false or extremely misleading.

The Shark Tank blog has lost all credibility as a legitimate source of information. As explicitly outlined on the website, the blog’s owner, Javier Manjarres, is nothing more than a political bounty hunter who consistently and regularly attacks the conservative opponents of the people who pay to advertise on his website.- Ozzie deFaria

That’s right dear readers, deFaria thinks that the Shark Tank’s criticism of his campaign tactics comes at the behest of and is paid for by none other than DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In addition to this LOL implication, deFaria also cites an anonymous and libelous website which targets yours truly- a site which was authored by the same Charlie Crist-supporting establishment Republicans in Broward County who are his chief supporters. Beginning to see the bigger picture here?

Unfortunately, knee-jerk reactions like deFaria’s tend to be devoid of rationality, and his response isn’t one that will reassure voters about his judgement. How can deFaria call our “charges” (his characterization) “false or extremely misleading,” when we’re simply calling attention to and questioning his own campaign advertisements and statements? Whether it is what he said to the SRLC (on video below), his depiction of Debbie with a dog collar around her neck, or his public records, did the Shark Tank fabricate or distort any of these? You be the judge.

deFaria tweeted that he has “nothing to hide,” yet he’d rather disparage his critics rather than provide a coherent response to his supporters that is grounded in fact. Instead of showing the requisite character, discipline, and leadership with his response, deFaria decided to attack the messenger rather than intelligently respond to the message. What’s to hide, right?

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