VIDEO: ‘Change has come,’ Alright! But How Good Has it Been?

In 2008, President-elect Barack Obama announced that change had come to America. After three years, the results of that change make many Americans ready to change it back.

And here is a great for-instance of how the Old Media establishment is covering for their Obammessiah. Let’s get in the way back machine and recall how the price of gas was used as a sledgehammer with which to beat George W. Bush about the head. Remember how it was front page news on a daily basis? Well now gas has lingered at highs that it never stayed at during the Bush years and now analysts are saying gas will reach to $4 a gallon this year — an all time high.

Where is the media on this story? Why isn’t it as big a deal as it was 5 and 6 years ago? Ah, yes. We have The One in office. Gosh. How could I forget that the Old Media doesn’t want negative stories about their messiah? Silly me.


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VIDEO: ‘Change has come,’ Alright! But How Good Has it Been?”

  1. It would seems left politicians are the same all over, Chavez in Venezuela has been able to do away with principles and values, read it, industry and agriculture producers, we depend more on imports than ever, either corruption scandals or he (Chavez) engulfing more power while diminishing our liberties is every day news; Thanks America, for holding the torch of Liberty, thanks for having strong institutions that will prevail over the peril these troglodytes represent.

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