Obama, the Liberals and the Apostates – A Legacy of Division

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Everyone from preachers to comedians has at some time been heard to quote Christ’s famous line from Matthew’s gospel, “every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” (Mt 12: 25) But today is not the day that people in this nation are gathering around the Bible to hear the wisdom from above. We are a nation with gadgets in our hands that are full of apps, pics and text waiting for the digital meanderings of the electronics wizards to be transferred to our brains.

President Obama, his liberal cadre and the Church’s apostates are a trinity, together they make up modernity’s deity, worshipped by the liberal, secularized, sottish, silly and self absorbed. We all know it, and perhaps we thought we could bear with it for a while, here in the land of freedom and bi-partisanship. What has actually happened in this great experiment turns out to be far more destructive than we could have imagined, in a word it is diametrically opposite of the familiar ‘E Pluribus Unum’ it is now pure division without unity. Is it now ‘E Pluribus Magis Divortium?’

Those who are not paying homage to the god of division may be half consciously following the newly introduced god formed by the national and worldwide deification of sex. The priests of the new religion are the lesbians, gays, transgenders and bi-sexuals who have convinced their crowds of adherents and newly indoctrinated that they are the emerging new social class vying for freedom and equality, as the black community once did in the Deep South.

While millions are giving in to the awareness campaigns of the new religion of sex; for the rest of us it has created, yet more division. Whether its nature, traditional values, biblical mandates or simple gut feelings, millions of citizens have determined not to join the nascent religion of the hour. The bottom line is an iceberg of Magis Divortium , for a nation already beleaguered with enough division to sink the Titanic several times over.

With California leading the pack with new legislation to insure that children are taught about the gay life, it is apparent that head way is being made in the deification of sex. President Obama long ago assured his believers that Apostle Paul’s condemnation of homosexual behavior was part of a very obscure passage in the Bible, but the fact is, that the book of Romans is one of the newest of the books of the bible and is counted to be among the top five most trustworthy books of the entire bible.

What liberals have not managed to detach from the solidity of the American experiment, the church’s apostates have carved up for the rest of us! Strained proof texts are used to labor the ridiculous idea that God no longer speaks directly to man. According to them we should ignore every preacher from Billy Graham to Charles Stanley who so much as dared to use the phrase, ‘God spoke to my heart.’

The Prophet Joel promised that in the last days God would provide more prophets, visionaries and female evangelists to meet the ensuing final events leading up to the second coming of Christ. (Joel 2: 28-29) That it was not a signal to Israel that it was the first coming of Christ is certain because one condition was never met. The passage includes a picture of the sun being blocked and the moon being the color of blood. (Joel 2: 31) Similar prophecies throughout the bible are all connected to the second coming of Christ. This event has not happened yet and Joel was written over 800 years before Romans. If unbelievers and apostates think Romans is obscure there is little doubt they are not giving much heed to Joel’s book of prophecy.

The laxity of liberals, the apathy of apostates and the deviant doting of biblically doctrinal dilettantes’ can’t convince God that he should not warn all people of what he is about to do. Consider this, spoken in his own words, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3: 7)

Recently, I saw a picture of a line being drawn throughout the entire world. Everyone had to step on one side or the other, no one was exempt. Almost forty years of seeing the future in dreams and visions; cannot not fully prepare anyone to see such a portent, but it is in keeping with every word of the scriptures. In the last days every person on this planet will have to decide which way they will go. Many will make the wrong decision, many already have.

The prophecies and the prophets of today are disdained, dismissed and debunked by every voice that anyone is listening to. Such prophecies were seen as crazy when my calling first came, but for real crazy these days we don’t need to peruse the prophets, we need only to take a serious look at the politicians.

In Iowa, which may not be representative of the rest of the nation, Ron Paul is being taken seriously by those who actually call themselves, conservatives. This is a candidate who among his other suspect ideas thinks all drugs should be legalized. Besides visions of people walking around or driving around in drug stupors and throngs of drug seekers and young people converging on dispensaries as they do in Amsterdam, there is the biblical admonition that warns that those who do these things cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. (Sorcery is interpreted from the Greek pharmakios) (Rev 21: 8)

Let’s review – a political candidate that wants others to practice their drug abuse even if it costs them their eternal future, all to save a few bucks in the government’s coffers. Are we now fighting hard to keep up the pure separation of church and state, but giving up the fight to keep drugs separate from our kids? And we think our prophets are kooks?

The president, liberals and those who have turned their backs on God are doing much more than simply creating divisions. They are in fact helping to draw the final line of demarcation that God showed me in my last vision. God help us all to drop the pen or the etching tool by which we are helping to draw this line. Let us consider with all gravity returning to our faith, our constitution and the very values and traditions that gave us over two hundred years of standing in this world as the greatest of all nations

God forbid that as a nation we will be forced to repeat the words in Kate Wolf’s haunting rendition of Across the Great Divide. In the realm where spirituality and good judgment meet the fleeting sands of time it is not a romantic place to be, but rather, it is the dreaded piece of land we call the place of no return.

“It’s gone away in yesterday, now I find myself on the mountainside
Where the rivers change direction, across the Great Divide”
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