Congressional ‘No Confidence’ Resolution Filed Against AG Holder

-By Warner Todd Huston

A couple of new things have occurred concerning the deepening scandal over Operation Fast And Furious, the Obama policy of arming Mexican narco-terrorists that has killed so many. The biggest is, of course, that an official resolution of no confidence has been introduced in the House of Representatives that has more support than any recent no confidence resolution filed against a U.S. Attorney General in a long time.

The resolution (H.R. 490) was filed by Rep. Paul Gosar (R, AZ) who says that Congress needs to “raise awareness” of the failed gunrunning program. Gosar hopes that the resolution will spur needed discussion about the program. He also feels Congress has an important role in determining if an administration is on the right track….

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Congressional ‘No Confidence’ Resolution Filed Against AG Holder”

  1. No only the arms where delivered without ATF protocol for such procedures, that in its self, is enough to accuse the US Attorney, but these arms where used to kill an US border patrol, (probe reveals it will happen again), that is unacceptable, but MF Global goes on TV and says; “oops! I lost 1.2 billion, and I don’t know where is it.” (of tax payers), that is also unacceptable. That is stupidity or what? Is it, I should be reading amid lines their indolence and disastrous attitude, Do Government want to destroy those institution and people that stand behind moral and principles?

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