Does Liberal Media Ever Identify Anyone as ‘Liberal’?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Slate’s ‘Conservative Essayist’

Slate, a left-wing Internet-based magazine, has a piece about writer Joseph Epstein talking of his new book about the concept of gossip. In their write up of the book Slate characterizes him as a “conservative essayist and editor.” At some level this is fine because that is what he is. But here is my question: does anyone in the left-wing media ever call someone — say Chris Matthews or whomever — a “liberal essayist” or a liberal anything, for that matter? Or is “liberal” supposed to be considered normal and therefore is not necessary to have it mentioned? Do you ever see a review of a book by any lefty that says, “liberal columnist,” or “liberal writer” this or that?

Just wondering.

Seems to me to be just one small example of how left-wing the media is.

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