Obama Fail: New Book Shows What Liars Liberals Are

-By Warner Todd Huston

Talk radio is gaga over Ron Suskind’s new book detailing the mess that is Team Obama. The book, “Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington and the Education of a President,” was released on Tuesday and features quite a few shocking displays of insubordination, crestfallen disappointment, and complaints about Obama from former members of Obama’s administration. But since the book has been released many of these former staffers and officials quoted in the book are denying the quotes attributed to them.

However, the Washington Post has a story detailing some of these denials and it seems that the denials are complete lies. As these people rush to the nearest reporter to deny they ever disparaged The Obammessiah in interviews for the book, other evidence show that they did, indeed, say the very things they are denying they said…

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