Frank Hyland’s Food for Thought: Signs of Desperation

-By Frank Hyland

Like I often do, I’m sure you feel at times as if you’ve been left out of the deliberations that take place behind closed doors in your state’s capital city and in Washington. Afterward, you discover that you’ve been had (or substitute another appropriate verb of your choosing). Quite possibly the worst example in recent times is the statement by FORMER Speaker Pelosi that, “…we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” But there are ways, believe it or not – telltale clues — that you can use to spot what the so-called “Heavy Hitters” inside the Beltway are talking about and planning. Most importantly, you can get a good idea of what The Left fears so that you have time to react. How? The meetings from which you and I have been excluded have a goal, an agenda. So then the meeting takes place, the agenda is covered during discussions, and a plan is drafted for following the points covered in the meeting agenda. Those who were not excluded emerge from the meeting and begin acting in accordance with the plan. If you doubt that, in March of this year the number three Democrat in the US Senate, New York’s “Chuck” Schumer, told his colleagues to use the word “extreme” when talking about Republicans on Capitol Hill. “I always use the word extreme,” Sen. Schumer said, “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.” Unfortunately for him, he said that over a live phone line on which reporters were already waiting for an interview.

How, then, do you know what went on in the meeting you weren’t allowed to join? It isn’t terribly easy. For example, on January 14th, 2010, President in Charge of Vice Biden met with the Chief of Transparency for Economic Recovery. The meeting was closed to members of the Press and others. Again, though, there are clues that you can use. The fallout from the Iowa Straw Poll is a good example of the method. Who are the targets of the left since the Iowa Poll was completed? The winners, that’s who, including someone who was only a write-in — Governor Rick Perry of Texas. The other target, of course, is Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. Most important, what does it mean to be a target? It means, simply, that Governor Perry and Rep. Bachmann are the most feared by the Left, by those in charge of the campaign for President on behalf of the present alleged incumbent. With a total of “57” states in our country, why did the Obamanation choose to travel to Iowa on his “Magical Misery Bus Tour,” as it was characterized by Gov. Romney? Now that the method is clear, you can apply it to other places, other issues, other people, other problems.

What do Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran fear and dislike most? You – meaning the United States. Think of the last time you heard Hugo Chavez rail against Iceland — never. Russia and China carry on endlessly against the U.S. dollar as the international currency. While secretly meeting with the U.S. to plead for free food aid, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (which is neither democratic nor the people’s) simultaneously threatens to launch missiles against the U.S.

The administration fears least those who are the most dependent on the government for their income. So the criticism is the loudest and the most frequent against those who are feared the most — those who make the most money. It may seem nonsensical at first that, if you succeed in your career, pay your bills, save your money, and pay your taxes, you are viewed negatively by this administration, but it is true. It is yet another demonstration of the degree to which this administration is disconnected from reality. Ask them – apparently they had a meeting about you.
Frank Hyland is a long-time Writer/Editor who has written for The New Media Alliance, and also for The Reality Check and has appeared weekly on Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conservatism on Sunday evenings on Blog Talk Radio, along with Babe Huggett and Warner Todd Huston.

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