Media’s Obama Sell-Out is ‘Unexpectedly’ Pervasive

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Friday, Jim Geraghty voiced the “joke” that is the Old Media news coverage of the era of Obama, the joke that we conservatives have been guffawing over for about a year now. That is the employment of the word “unexpectedly” in news coverage of disaster after Obama disaster. Every new instance of Obama’s economic failure just amazes and perplexes these left-leaning media types.

Every time the purveyors of the “news” are forced to admit that we have yet another Obama downgrade, another spate of economic backsliding, or yet one more report of always rising unemployment numbers, the “news” media finds these facts “unexpectedly” shocking. Geraghty notes several instances of the shock that the media keeps finding in itself that it expresses day in and day out.

But, as Geraghty notes, there are hundreds of examples of the media finding it “unexpected” that the economy and jobs situation keep getting worse. It is no late phenomenon. Geraghty also notes that the same faux shock is evinced by all the so-called economic experts — leftist, Keynesians all — that the media turns to for analysis…

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