Terrorists, Leftists, and Muslims Attack… Singer Katy Perry?

-By Warner Todd Huston

First of all, I have to admit that I wouldn’t know a Katy Perry song from a hole in the wall. What’s more I couldn’t care less about her music. Far as I’m concerned they stopped making rock-n-roll in the late 1970s. But you do have to feel sorry for the pop singer with this latest Twit-troversy she is facing for having had the temerity to support Israel on her Twitter account after this latest round of Islamofascist terrorism that she has suffered.

One of Perry’s fans had tweeted to her about the suffering of Israel and asked Perry to pray for them. Perry responded saying, “I am! My prayers are for you guys tonight, SHALOM!!”

Well, you’d have thought that the singer had tweeted that she was hoping to kill a few puppies tonight because after her tweet one so-called Palestinian, Muslim, leftist, progressive, and terror supporter (but I repeat myself) after another took to their own Twitter accounts to attack Perry for offering prayers for those killed by terrorists in Israel…

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