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In order to hold our government accountable – and ensure they are spending our tax dollars wisely – citizens must have access to public information.

Unfortunately, too many local government agencies across Illinois have viewed proactive online transparency as a privilege rather than a right. Many elected officials have lost sight of the fact that, as citizens, taxpayers and voters, “we the people” are the bosses of government, not the other way around. But, with the work of the staff of the Illinois Policy Institute, our volunteers and forward thinking government officials, things are beginning to change in Illinois.

Last week the village of Orland Park became the first Illinois local government agency to score a perfect 100% on our Ten-Point Transparency Checklist, Orland Park is setting an example for other communities to follow and building momentum for statewide local government transparency standards like the Local Government Transparency Act. See what the Southtown Star wrote about Orland Park’s accomplishment here.

You can help make our government more transparent and accountable to the taxpayers by volunteering your time or sponsoring a Local Transparency Project in your home area. Contact me at to participate in the Local Transparency Project in your community.

Brian Costin
Director of Outreach
Illinois Policy Institute

Institute News
A Major Legislative Victory for Transparency
Soon, you’ll be no more than a few clicks away to finding out all the taxes you pay, thanks to the Tax Disclosure Act, which was recently signed into law by Gov. Quinn. Read about the significance of this legislation here.

Without a Peer
Last Thursday, the Institute’s report “U.S. Downgraded: Illinois Next?” warned of the effect Illinois’s overwhelming pension liabilities could have on our credit rating. Only hours later, Moody’s Investors Service issued a Special Comment that confirmed what we suspected…Illinois is without a peer for how bad the situation is. Read our take here.

Cost of Government Day
In Illinois, the average taxpayer labored from the beginning of the year until yesterday (229 days!) to pay off his share of spending and regulatory burdens imposed by all levels of government. Learn more about the Cost of Government Day here.

Illinois Rising

Illinois will rise to prosperity once again, but it has a long way to go. With this in mind, the Institute has launched “Illinois Rising with Collin Hitt,” a blog about the taxpayers, entrepreneurs and public officials who want to make Illinois great again. Read his first few posts here.

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Institute Events

By Popular Demand…
The Institute will be running another Adopt-A-Disctrict training event on Sept. 14 in Naperville. Our previous training sessions in Peoria and Rockford sold out quickly, so RSVP soon. To RSVP and to learn more click here.

Lunch Discussion on the Federal Budget
Join the Illinois Policy Institute and the Mercatus Institute on Tuesday, Sept. 13, for a lunch and discussion on the systematic problems of the federal budget and ways to help Congress bring fiscal responsibility to Washington. The event will take place from 12-1:30 p.m. at Gibson’s Steakhouse in Chicago. To RSPV and to learn more click here.

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