Honoring the Constitution with a Day of Training

From the Chicago Tea Party…

When Benjamin Franklin left the Pennsylvania State House after signing the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, the wife of the mayor of Philadelphia approached him to ask what the new American government would be. Franklin replied, “A republic, madam. If you can keep it.” On Constitution Day 2011, we will continue the fight to keep it with the largest one-day training of conservative activists ever. American Majority will hold training in 13 states across the country, and we’ve been honored to have Chicago chosen as one of the locations. Join the Chicago Tea Party and American Majority for a day of training on Saturday, September 17, the 224th anniversary of the day the framers signed our nation’s founding document.

The principles of limited government and individual freedom are being challenged by an all too powerful federal government in Washington.. Understanding there is a problem is not enough. Protesting is not enough. For us to turn this country around, informed and engaged citizens must be equipped with the tools to bring about real change. There’s no better day than Constitution Day to bring thousands of Americans together to learn how they can ensure we continue to live in a free society.

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New material. American Majority will be unveiling new content, new manuals and new projects as part of the September 17 training across the country. Even if you’ve attended an American Majority training session in the past, you will learn new material at this session. Topics covered include:

Get Out the Vote (GOTV): Good volunteers who know how to motivate voters to turnout can make the difference for a campaign. Learn what to expect, and what you can do to get voters out on Election Day.

How the Left Does it: A look at the tools that the Left has been using, and how the tea party movement can adopt and adapt their most effective methods, in defense of liberty.

Community Organizer for Freedom: Tips for local activists on vetting local leaders, filing FOIA requests, wikis and other practical steps that you can take in your community, everyday.

Make a difference. The November 2012 election is 447 days away. It only took our founding fathers 100 days to frame the Constitution. Certainly we have enough time to make a difference in our communities and influence the 2012 election at the local and national level. You will have the tools to help do it if you attend on September 17. Hope to see you there.

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