Palatine Tea Party: Thoughts from a Fellow Patriot

For the past weeks all we have been hearing about is the debt ceiling and the doomsday “Downgrade of our economy” and now the DINO’s (Democrats in Name Only) are blaming the TEA Party” and how much WE messed up the debt ceiling deal? Well… they came up with the deal and now we have been downgraded anyway. Lot of good it did us and while everyone was worried about that…how much else was going on behind the debt talks that the media did not tell us about. The latest one that made me scratch my head, President Obama’s bus tour. Paid for by taxpayers because it is a “jobs creation” tour not a “campaign tour.” What!!! REALLY??? When has this President stopped campaign since 2008? Are the Republicans going to let this happen and if so why?

First, lets identify who is sitting in DC, how long they have been there and their philosophical look at politics. We are all familiar with our feelings on RINOS (Republican In Name Only), the “old guard”. Well… we have the same thing on the left, DINOS (Democrats In Name Only) who are actually PROGRESSIVES. Where are the JFK Democrats? Many of the TEA Party, 912 Groups, Pachyderms, Campaign for Liberty etc…have a number of these Democrats in their groups that stand with the TEA Party on the basic issues that make us what we are, Bipartisan, and we stand and believe in Less Spending/Fiscal Responsibility, Smaller Government, Less Taxes, and the following of the Constitution.

Here is the situation, the debt ceiling crisis was not and is not our fault. The problem is spending. Really! Why does Washington DC., the DNC, and the GOP not get that? Too many hands to grease from their fellow lobbyist and special interest groups? What about the ones paying the bills? That would be us, the taxpayers. Remember 51% of the people, entitled, are not taxpayers but a percentage of them do vote. What is it about less spending that these Republicans and Democrats in office do not understand? When are they going to take responsibility for their actions and their votes instead of blaming each other and now the “People of the TEA Parties?”

We understand what it means to cut back on spending and we have done this in our own homes, our businesses, our own cities, and in some states. Maybe IL. is catching on but that would not have happened either without the voices of the new politicians in office. Yes, the Tom Cross’s and the Micheal Madigan’s in Springfield IL (DINOS AND RINOS) are still having a hard time adjusting to the new wave of civil servants, not politicians, that now sit in many seats that were held by long term Democrats. Americans in IL said no more spending. We are ready for a drastic change. The TEA Party/the people, lead that charge with some great results and there is more work to do.

The real problem stems from “Business as Usual in DC” and the fact that the people of this country have not stood up in this manner since the late 60’s early 70’s is something they are all having a problem with in DC. They want us to shut up and let them ruin, I mean run this country. Well… Power to the people.

Who is really running this country? That is the question that we, as Americans, need to ask and need to answer for ourselves. Is it even the politician or is it George Soros, ACORN, Bilderberg Group, the Private Sector Unions and others from both parties that want to bring the US of A to it’s knees? How do you feel about a Global Society? Is that what you want for Americans in America? What will that mean to us as a people? Have you thought about that scenario?

What can we do as Americans from both sides of the isles? Become engaged. Stand up and do what we know must be done in order to correct a path that we have silently been sitting and watching happen for 40 plus years. Why did that happen? Is it because we believed what we were being told by those we elected? Was it the trust we put into these people that they betrayed? Is it because we became too busy with life in general to worry about it? We are no longer silent, “We the People” have made a stand and a few of the new “civil servants” in DC got the message and stayed on target. The others are blaming us for the credit downgrade. Get real DC.

What happened to Cut, Cap, and Balance? It was voted on and passed by Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives. Is it possible that it could have passed the Senate as well? Do not be fooled, Reid and Pelosi both knew that possibility existed. Is that why it did not make it to the Senate floor for a vote? Even the S&P liked it and said it would have helped to have a strong plan to avoid the downgrade. Why did the now Republican controlled house falter? It never had a chance because of a few “Old Guards” including Boehner and McConnell and the Progressives, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin etc…. We will never know what this country could have been at this moment, had it passed the Senate and then Obama could have vetoed it and carried the burden on his own and not had the opportunity to blame the conservatives and the moderates.

My question to the people, how much are you really willing to sacrifice to appease these highly paid DINOS AND RINOS? Are you really willing to give up your first and second amendment rights? Do you even know what they are? Are you willing to give up your property and freedoms to this government if we no longer are living under the law of this country, the United States Constitution? Are you really willing to pay higher taxes and see more jobs leave our states in this country to operate in a more friendly business country? Would you not do the same if it were your business?

I am asking you as Americans to stand up and realize that we do carry the blame for letting this happen on our watch. Our children, grand children, and great grand children will pay the price of our laziness and giving the “paid for politicians” the power they should never have had. This is a DINO and RINO problem and it is up to us, the people of this great land, to stop it before we are living what the countries across the pond are living with.

Do we cave and let them lead us to our slaughter or do we stand and peacefully take back our country? With a strong united voice of Americans from all parties we can do this. Let’s remember the TEA Party is nothing more than “the people” standing for their rights as citizens in their land. Do we want what Europe, Egypt, and so many other countries are experiencing in their streets or do we change this before President Obama and his progressives declare Marshall Law and our Constitution is null and void? Is it possible? Yes, and we are the only ones standing in the way of that.

Our days are numbered, our freedoms are at stake and this is just how it is. We the people, need all the people. Yes, it is us against them, hard to believe, but that is where we are now as the people in this land.
Rhonda Linders- Alton IL./River Bend T.E.A. Party
Illinois Tea Party
Illinois State Tea Party Movement

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