America’s ‘Other’ Rising Deficit — Which We Also Can’t Afford

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Is America merely a Plutocracy that can be whipped into line by juggling the wealth or as the Obama administration supposes; redistributing the wealth, raising the debt ceiling? Oh, that it were all that simple.

If a nation is the sum of its economic successes or even a Plutocracy (Ruled by the wealthy) the question would be a cinch to answer. But a country is so much more than its wealth alone. Men and women of character do not cease to be what they are the minute they go broke. In fact, it is then that their character can be seen more clearly, and their character is what actually sustains them during times of scarcity or difficulty. America seems to be losing sight of the sound principle contained in this maxim. Dare we ask why?

It is for some, a complete mystery that Jesus Christ called his own generation ‘perverse.’ (Mt. 17: 17) It raises a question that only the bravest would attempt to answer; if his generation was indeed perverse, how do we describe this generation?

It is not surprising that in Bret Baier’s Fox News program, July 9, 2011, on the ten ways to improve the economy, not one word was offered about the moral decline in our nation and how that might affect our economy. Programs like Baier’s are obviously not the setting for that kind of admonition. But what is? Except for the preachers, why are almost no conservatives connecting the dots?

Instead of fearlessly stating a moral position, we have top newsmen laughing about America’s moral decline as if it were a side matter or something merely entertaining. Now a top conservative contender in the presidential race has announced his enjoyment of the talents and antics of Lady Gaga. Is this inconsistency or blatant hypocrisy?

Conservatives call us to remember that our founding fathers resorted to Biblical principles to guide them in the forming of our Declaration and our Constitution, but very few are willing to say that the same Bible can also serve to troubleshoot, analyze and correct us, in the event that we have drifted to far from the original intent of the founders.

Conservatives find themselves being second guessed, mocked and disdained by activist groups who take over aspects of our governance and nearly entire branches of government and our judicial system, like the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The 9th recently decided to throw out the appeals against “don’t ask don’t tell,” and just instruct the military to drop DADT altogether and get on with full acceptance of gays in the military. How long will we allow judges to set the moral tone for the nation; is this why they were chosen for the job?

It is easy to see, that the morality of a nation is guided from the top down. With a president who fully accepts the gay agenda, abortion and same sex marriage it tends to draw the liberals out of the woodwork to celebrate what looks like their day. A description of these behaviors in the Bible is referred to as “the day of evil.” (Pr 16: 4) If perception can and often does take the place of reality, how twisted might that reality actually be? Again the question; which is the more perverse generation?

It is abundantly clear that almost no one is getting it, about the connection between our morality and our economy. It is more than a Biblical principle, it is God ordered, immutable and timeless. For those who hold that God does not concern himself with the daily business and details of an individual’s life, it is almost impossible to convince them that God guides and controls virtually everything in our national life, on a moment by moment basis.

Once it is seen that God is deeply involved with us a nation, the ten top ways to improve the economy gives out under the pressure of an entirely different equation.

A poor economy is not what makes the country fail, but a failing country is what makes the economy poor.

This Biblical principle is no less important than those used by our founders to form our constitution and our nation. It boils down to the voices we have chosen to hear. The voices of the founding fathers gave rise to our Declaration, our Constitution and our years of great influence in the world.

Now there are voices calling us to abandon the previous voice for a waltz into reprobation that discards the sanctity of marriage, the order of creation in which men and women continue to bless the earth with those of our kind, in traditional marriage settings, not men and men or women and women.

Isn’t it in keeping with God’s great love for our nation that in these times he would send yet other voices, once again Biblically based voices, to remind us of our founder’s intentions and the great success we have known by adhering to those intents?

To restrain the devourer we must look to God again. Our economy depends on God more than you may ever want to admit. But recognize it or not the great laws of reciprocation are already in play. Let’s us be diligent to hear, while we may yet still hear.

A note to give you a theological heads up on the following verse; the devourer is sent against every aspect of our output whether it is of the field, the factory, the flocks and herds, our business ventures or our wealth in general. It is an ancient principle that is in place forever. God is not under pressure from the liberals or the morphing social climate of the day. God does not change; there is no social upheaval in heaven as there is on earth. Perhaps now you know why the prayer says: “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” (Mt 6: 10)

“And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts. And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the Lord of hosts.” (Mal 3:11, 12)
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