They Huff and They Puff But They Can’t Get Their Facts Straight

-By Resa LaRu Kirkland

Oh Huffington Post…your dance card, like your professionalism and Arianna’s appeal, is shrinking.

Once the darling of the left with a handful of legitimate writers, and still the drooling lap dog of George Soros, you have deteriorated into the pubescent Facebook crowd of shout-much-do-nothing-good generation that only decades of freedom-crushing communist teaching can create.

Why all the fuss? It started when a young George Washington University student friend of mine sent me the following news story featured at the increasingly absurd Huffington Post:

Fox News Reports That GWU Student’s Suicide ‘Tragically Coincides’ With Obama

George Washington University students are making their anger known over a Fox News story that reported a student’s suicide alongside President Obama’s visit to the school.

The story, titled ‘GWU Suicide Tragically Coincides With Obama Speech,’ appeared on Fox’s America Election HQ blog Wednesday and called the unidentified student’s death a “tragic coincidence.” The story was taken down sometime Thursday afternoon.

In response, GWU students are targeting Fox News and the post’s author, Kelly Chernenkoff, through Facebook. The Facebook group HOLD CHERNENKOFF AND FOX NEWS ACCOUNTABLE has more than 600 members and counting, many of whom are openly questioning Fox’s news judgment.

“[Fox is] making a connection between two unrelated events just to push their political agenda,” one poster wrote on the group’s wall. “It’s disgusting of Fox news to devalue someone’s death like this.”

Did you get that? It is FOX who made the connection between two unrelated events, and not the Soros-funded Islammunist insanity so prevalently in full force both at HuffPo and at that revolutionary’s utopia: Facebook. What other community has given us whole new categories of crimes, bullying, destruction for thrills, Muslim Brotherhood wet dreams and whole new categories of narcissism?

Don’t bother looking, for the greased lightning group has been changed from the frothing “HOLD ACCOUNTABLE” it was originally entitled to The Article is down! Remember a GWU student and his family. I guess they feel that a little phony sympathy for the family they thrust into the story that never was makes up for the left using them as an agenda enema.

And you can thank GWU student Danny Leimburg for the contrived memorial. I’m sure that sensitive “I’m-only-doing-it-because-I-feel-so-much!” 1970’s sensitive man crap snagged him plenty of pelt…too bad liberal chicks are easily led, easily used, and as physically appealing as a Russian fishwife.

You say you didn’t see this ginormous news spawned by the evil FOX machine? Don’t hold your breath; FOX News pulled the article once the clearly insane pointed out what only the clearly insane could somehow contrive into existence. ..I think.

So it must have been really bad, right? I mean, with the left the appearance of decency is all that matters–hey, it’s easier than doing stuff that actually matters–and FOX pulling it was an admission of guilt that rendered HuffPo and their hysterical student-led bloodlust on the side of justice. Right?


Fortunately, a shot of this “horror of the 13th,” as it must by now be known, is saved for posterity. So here is that malevolent piece about two unrelated incidents that clashed on campus: the President’s visit to GWU and a young man’s decision to end his life.

I can barely look! Did this horror show stop the presses yet? Oh that’s right…it did. Fortunately for the oh-so-easily-offended-where-no-offense-exists crowd, their Politically Castrated fagatronics succeeded in shutting down this benign reporting of events.

Now granted, I wasn’t there. That’s the wonder of the new media–taking us to places we can’t go to on our own and then reporting on those places and/or events. That is what FOX News correspondent Kelly Chernenkoff was doing. Simply following the path of the most powerful office on earth to its many destinations and reporting on his actions, both in a general sense and also in an area specific sense. In other words, her job. Kelly would have been a fool, and a cold-hearted one at that, to be oblivious to the heartbreaking tragedy unfolding on her watch within the confines of her story.

Kelly did right in what she wrote. There is no editorializing in this article, no deliberate attempt to manipulate or slant this story within a story — Ahem, HuffPo, pay attention — no sly inference that the tragic suicide of a GWU student was the result of President Obama’s visit as the left kindly and erratically pointed out for those of us bogged down with a grasp on truth and reason. In fact, it wasn’t even Kelly that unearthed it; it was GWU President Steven Knapp who sent out the message to faculty, staff, and students. It was GWU officials who told FOX News that police were notified at 2 pm, the same time the President was to speak to students. In fact, the use of the phrase “a tragic coincidence of timing” clearly illustrates from the first sentence that no one, especially not FOX News, saw this as anything other than a “tragedy” involving two events that occurred at the same point in time and location.

While FOX News and the sane world felt sorrow for the young man and clucked at the “tragic” timing, it was only those on the left who poked their pointed heads out of the psych ward long enough to make that bizarre and evil connection for us, then had no problem blaming FOX and, by extension its audience, that majority of Americans who have made FOX #1, for something only they, and they alone, contrived.

They need a lesson in some age-old sayings, maybe along the lines of, “He who smelt it…”

And just in case things weren’t idiotic enough, I have the coup de grace for you. Mr. Leimburg, his Soros-cloning all but complete now, actually put together a petition. Are you ready for this? For this thing only they saw, for the convenient-for-them student-suicide/Obama-to-blame fuss that allowed them to harass a legitimate news agency with the help of the increasingly leftist bong hit HuffPo (niiiiice!), for getting at “the man,” for stopping the “haters,” and for putting great energy into their game of “Let’s Pretend,” they actually had the bile-filled gall to call the petition TELL FOX NEWS NOT TO POLITICIZE STUDENT’S SUICIDE.

No, really…they really believe FOX did this instead of the logical answer of themselves. That’s the thing about crazy; the sane just can’t make this stuff up. It takes an over-huffed group of university losers with imaginations stuck in pre-pubescent emotion and grown-up mental illness to do that.

Oh, and the convenient death of that one guy…what’s his name? I know it had something to do with President Obama…or was it George Washington? You know who I mean, the guy whose name those bastards at FOX never even gave out of respect for his family? Anyone know who he was? I have a great idea…let’s call his parents and get his name, and let them know what FOX did to that student whose final moment we have no problem using for our phony baloney cause.

Huff, puff, and blow….that covers their apparent foggy-brained drug use…and, unfortunately, the truth.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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