Outta Be A Law: New Hampshire Proposes Law to Allow US Flag Flying

-By Warner Todd Huston

In the United States of America it is illegal in some places to fly a U.S. flag. What, you ask? How is this possible, you cry? Well, it’s true… to an extent. Oh, there aren’t many city, county, state or federal statutes where this is codified in law, of course. But where this is happening all the time — and all over the country regardless of region — is in rules created by homeowner’s associations.

What happens is nosy, busybody condo or homeowner’s association chiefs write these idiotic rules where you can’t do this and you can’t do that on your own property. These sort of oppressive restrictions are common in homeowners association rules. One of the most common rules across the country in these fascist organizations is that you cannot fly a U.S. flag on your own property. As it happens, New Hampshire is trying to make this sort of rule illegal with HB 132

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