Protecting Illinois’ Heroes While They Protect Us

-By Dan Proft

With two wars in progress, and additional global unrest putting our military on alert — it’s important to remember the sacrifices of the men and women who defend our freedom … and the families they leave behind here on the homefront.

That’s exactly why Operation Homefront was founded.

OH was developed to support the families of deployed service members immediately following 9/11. The organization currently provides services to military families across the nation with 23 chapters serving 32 states — including right here in Illinois.

Please click here to visit the Operation Homefront-Illinois Web site to learn more about our mission and the heroes we serve on a daily basis.

Nationally, in 2010, n 2010, we met 167,795 needs for military families, including active duty, Guard and Reserve members from all branches of service. Since its inception, Operation Homefront has provided more than $92 million dollars of funding to programs to benefit military families.

We provide direct services to alleviate a military family’s or individual’s actual/complete emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support. Emergency financial assistance is in the form of checks paid directly to mortgage lenders, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, doctors, dentists and other providers. Other emergency funding assistance, which an applicant receives within 24 to 72 hours, includes the following:

  • Financial assistance
  • Emergency food
  • Emergency home repairs
  • Critical baby items: formula, food and diapers
  • Home and appliance repair
  • Furniture and household items
  • Local moving assistance
  • Community events
  • Wounded Warrior Transitional Family Housing

Please click here to learn more about Operation Homefront-IL and sign up to learn more.

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Thank you so much for your time and interest and allowing us to tell you a little bit more about Operation Homefront-Illinois.

Dan Proft
Executive Director
Operation Homefront-Illinois
Dan Proft ( writes a weekly commentary for WLS-AM 890′s “Don Wade and Roma Morning Show” and co-hosts a show on WLS Saturdays 12noon-3pm and Sundays 1pm-3pm. Proft is also a Senior Fellow at the Illinois Policy Institute.

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