Is America Losing the Love of the Truth?

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Over forty years of study in eschatology (Second coming doctrine) have been bolstered by several revelations that came in my youth and a few later in life about America’s future. They and the prophecies of scripture are now being fulfilled right before my eyes.

The only thing more disturbing than the fulfillment of prophecy is the wholesale refusal of Americans to take it seriously, or to notice it at all. I suppose I should be satisfied because with the revelation I received, came a clear warning that not many would believe it or take heed. Somehow it seems like little consolation, probably because I love America and its people and that means I could only hope for the best for this once towering nation.

It is not all bad because we still have a bit of time and there is always a chance that we could stand again but this would take some self searching and a return to the truth. Immediately you would think I am talking of Biblical truth but that is not the only kind of truth we need to recognize again. Truth in academia, politics and certainly in the entertainment and other media has all but vaporized in a flurry of changes, cultural shifts and indifference.

American is often compared to ancient Rome because in almost every way we are repeating the mistakes made by that once great empire. Others can see comparisons between us and the ancient Greeks. Perhaps we can attest to one truth; be they Roman, Greek or American the human heart remains the same. The writer of the Psalms said it best. “From the place of his habitation he looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth. He fashioneth their hearts alike; he considereth all their works.” (Ps 33: 14, 15) Nations may all have cultural differences but in the family of man the hearts are all prone to the same penchants, proclivities and habits.

Regardless of what form of entertainment American’s choose, from the opera to TV sitcoms, they always make time to tap into the daily news. Our need to see what’s happening in our world is much like the ancient Greeks. When the Apostle Paul visited Athens he was amazed to see their preoccupation with the news from around the world. “For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.” (Acts 17: 21)

The keyword in all this news mongering is of course “new” not necessarily “truth.” News is not always true nor does it need to be? For some it is merely information that gives the impression that we know what is going on in our world, but do we?

I have puzzled over the willingness of so many to say that Fox news lies. In a careful comparison with other news outlets that would be impossible to conclude and remain within the parameters of truth. Fox seeks out the facts, analyzes every point and even allows contrary views and opinions to be aired on any specific topic.

The closest anyone can come to an explanation for dissing Fox is that they dare to ask why certain events may be taking place and they question the authority of the authorities. It is more than reporting it is a construct of events from every possible angle.

As an example, when President Obama decided to involve our forces in the no fly zone against Libya at first no news agency reported that he had sought out the approval of the UN, the powers in Europe and the Arab League but had conspicuously left out the Congress of the United States. Only Fox news and several internet sites covered this little mentioned item in their daily news cycle. They even noted that the long delay on Obama’s decision seemed timed to meet the break in Congress that was not in session at the time of the Obama decision. In or out of session; the decision is still unconstitutional but again when has that mattered much to President Obama?

To Obama sycophants’ this may seem only like more unwarranted criticism of their golden boy, to the rest of the nation this is more than a talking point or arrogance it is an attack on the Constitution and its authority. If President Bush had pulled this off, there would be impeachment proceedings in the works within hours.

Other reasons why Fox has lost its luster for even some conservatives is twofold. It may be important for any news outlet to remain current but the inordinate attention given to Hollywood fluff, like covering the daily antics of Lady Gaga or Charlie Sheen. Stories like this do not sit well in the minds of many who think the nation is in crisis partly because of this kind of nonsense and is not augmented or embellished by it in the least. Often such news is laced with a response of laughter and general horseplay when it is reported. Is the worst behavior of our citizens a laughing matter?

The second reason may be extracted only with the most refined observation. Several years ago newsmen including Bill O’Reilly mentioned often that if we pulled our news from the internet it probably was inaccurate and misleading. That is no longer true. In fact many people have now begun to realize that internet news has gone beyond being just an alternative source but in the persistent refusal of the “main stream media” to tell the public anything other than the administration’s view of most everything; the internet is fast becoming the new mainstream media.

While O’Reilly and others are still scoffing at the internet, it has risen in stature and critical analysis in news and truth telling. You don’t have to listen to endless drivel about Charlie Sheen Lady Gaga or the latest antics of the gay activists, complete with commentator giggles, snickers and joking because at the click of a button you can carry yourself away to a more newsworthy site that will leave no stone unturned in its reporting of matters that do mean something.

Cable and network news is always in a hurry. How often do we hear someone being told they have 30 seconds to wrap up their comments? When is the last time any part of our complicated world found reasonable and lasting answers to our deepest problems in 30 seconds? You can read a dozen articles, reports and offerings on any given subject on the internet complete with audio or video bites; without hearing one person laughing about it or noting that they have only 30 seconds to wrap it up.

One of the most overlooked teachings of the Bible is that in the last days, the “love of the truth,” will begin to wane. The pace of the world and changes that can hardly be assimilated before the newest thing gets old will leave people in a state of upheaval. We are ever more becoming the swimmer that sees the shore but cannot for our entire strength swim through the thrashing and choppy waters to find safety. In such a state a man will cling to anything that seems to offer a way to stay afloat: even if it takes him further out into the endless sea to eventually drown alone.

But even in modern times certain repetitions of common knowledge are quickly elevated to the level of truth even while not a stitch of truth is in them. How could a generally intelligent man and former President like Jimmy Carter who was instrumental in the signing of the historic Camp David Accords suddenly decide that Israel is now usurping the place and authority of the Palestinians or their right to occupy their perceived homeland, Israel?

Rather than driving out the Palestinians as so many still believe and becoming occupiers of the land, Israeli forces drove out the Egyptians and Jordanians in 1967, the real occupiers of the land. The Palestinians have since refused to come to an agreement with Israel to self govern because they are centered in on only one thing, the destruction of Israel. Now that Hamas is in charge nothing has changed except now there is a deepening of the hatred and a greater possibility of war. Here is a case where the phrase “don’t bother me with the facts” fits perfectly. Should an American President take exception to the facts? What part of history did Mr. Carter miss, what part has the entire world missed?

For the sake of more elucidation let’s throw in another amazing twist of modernity’s addition of other truth that they hope will become common knowledge even if it is entirely dishonest. In California in 2006 textbooks were issued that proclaim that the spread of Islam across the Middle East was perfectly peaceful and accepted everywhere it came to roost. Real history cannot support such a hysterical claim. This is truth modified so greatly it has been converted into an inveterate lie. The spread of Islam has been accompanied by the worst violence ever recorded in history both ancient and modern. Are we using textbooks from an alternate universe in America?

It would be easy to say that the slide of academia, the media, Hollywood and now the body politic into mindless liberalism could account for Americans being summarily insulated from the truth but this would be only partially true. The inability to recognize truth is clearly a spiritual matter.

According to the scriptures the abandonment of truth and even rebellion against the truth are predicted as part and parcel to the last day’s apostasy and the revealing of the antichrist. The apostle Paul warned that near the end of time as we now know it the pursuit of personal pleasures and pastimes would become so strong that we would ignore any truth that would stand in the way, not of being all we can be, but of getting all we can get.

Paul went a step further and declared that when we reach that state, the inability to recognize truth would be aided by the unleashing of evil tenants, doctrines, policies, norms and even demonic spirits. Yet more amazing is that God allows the release of these dreaded effects for one single reason. Paul asserts that it is because we have come to the place where we no longer have a “love of the truth.”

“And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not ‘the love of the truth,’ that they might be saved.” (2Th 2: 8-10)

This doesn’t happen by accident but is the work of God. It is the beginning of reprobation and the end of time all wrapped together and encased in something called, the eternal will of God.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” (2Th 2: 11)

The equation goes like this; not loving the truth combined with the pursuit of unending pleasures results in reprobation. Reprobation is followed by a strong delusion resulting in the inability to believe anything except the lies. All that remains is a single question that I will present in the form of a familiar colloquialism of the New Orleans area in which I live. Where ya at, America?

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