Nevada Nanny State Nonsense: Banning Your Candles and Air Fresheners

-By Warner Todd Huston

Nevada has a nose for nonsense. This time the stink wafting from the Silver State is not from the back allies of its casinos but from its state house where politicians are sticking their noses in Nevada’s candles and air fresheners. Wallowing in true nanny state stupidity Democrats are considering a bill to ban candles and air fresheners because a tiny fraction of the population is allergic to the scents in them.

Las Vegas Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley on Monday presented AB234, which sets restrictions on pesticides, fragrances and candles to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities. Proponents said air fresheners give them migraines or asthma attacks and prevent them from going to the movies or to restaurants. A cocktail waitress at a casino said inhaling the fragrances piped through the ventilation system felt like a concrete slab on her chest.

Someone should consider a bill to ban nosy, buttinski Democrats instead…

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