Wisconsin Teachers: Putting Kids at Risk

-By Warner Todd Huston

Why do these teachers hate Wisconsin’s kids?

A reader named Tom from Des Moines, Iowa, emailed me and asked some pertinent questions of these recalcitrant teachers. I have asked some of these questions here myself and I have heard a few of them floated on Twitter, Facebook and the radio, but it is good to have them all in one post.

The teachers, says reader Tom, keep claiming that it’s all “for the kids” yet their actions here prove that the kids are last on the list as teachers worry more about safeguarding their unions, their high salaries and lucrative benefits.

So if the teachers care about the children, why are they:

  • With Schools Closed, special meals for kids have stopped. Aren’t leftists all worried about feeding poor kids? Do kids have to starve while teachers involve themselves in political rallies?
  • Many kids whose parents work will now be home alone while parents are at work. Why don’t these leftists care that kids are dangerously unsupervised?
  • Many low income families rely on after school programs to help their children. Now this help has been closed by the actions of leftist protestors.
  • Other families are now losing pay as they have working family members that are now staying home because their kids are not in school. This hurts families.
  • All the days that have been missed will now have to be made up at the end of the year and this will cost the schools even more to stay open more days. These extra days will also disrupt families.
  • Were the kids taken from schools to attend the protests last week have parental permission slips filled out? Why did the unions and teachers put the kids safety at risk just to benefit their own salary and benefits?
  • If teachers are claiming that they are all about service to the community, why don’t we just pay them what we pay our soldiers? They shouldn’t mind that, right?
  • If government is the solution to all America’s ills and the supporter of kids, how is it that teachers shutting down state government and Democrats running away to other states to hideout is helping fulfill that charge?

In the left’s formulation, all the things these teachers in Wisconsin are doing is harming kids.

All good questions. But let’s face it, they are all rhetorical because we know that teachers and unions do not care about kids at all. Unions are not interested in kids. They are interested in money.

For instance, Albert Shanker, former president American Federation of Teachers (1985) (was AFT president for over 20 years), once said, “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

This is how they feel about your kids, voters. They don’t care a whit about your kids. They only care about how much money they can steal from kid’s parents.

Finally, it is telling that the Old Media is not reporting any of this. If Democrats care so much, why are their actions proving otherwise? Worse, why are media types giving these Democrats a pass on that behavior?
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