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Thank you

Thank you to the hundreds of Tea Party Patriots from Chicago and across the state of Illinois who traveled to Madison on Saturday to defend the taxpayers and parents of Wisconsin. We organized car pools, drove our friends and neighbors and paid our own way to get to the rally. We weren’t bused in by Organizing for America, SEIU, or the Democrat National Committee. This is a critical battle in the fight between freedom and big government and it will be repeated in state after state across the country.

Here is what is at stake in Wisconsin: will we live in a country where we have individual liberty, economic opportunity and a government that lives within its means, or will we live in a country where public sector unions buy our elected officials with our own tax money and government spending bankrupts our children and grandchildren? We can’t afford to lose this one in WI, and we took a giant step forward this weekend.

Tea Party Rally Ground Report from Madison

“Madison is a very Lefty town that can turn out a mob of protesters for any ‘progressive’ cause, including students who like that sort of thing and don’t have real jobs. And the unions have a hard, serious, cash-money stake in the outcome of this struggle. They are going to lose a lot of money if Walker and the GOP win. They are also going to lose the capacity to get more in the future if they lose their collective bargaining. I would expect them to be able to turn out a lot of people for a threat this serious. They have member lists and a budget for printed signs, buses, etc. So of course you would expect the anti-Walker, anti-Bill side to get a huge turnout. It is pre-loaded.

Yet ordinary voters and taxpayers, who believe that the current path is leading the state to ruin, who support the Governor and the GOP, were able to assemble a sizeable crowd in response. This is progress.A few years ago, it would not have been possible.”

Lexington Green from the Chicago Boyz website attended the rally with the Chicago Tea Party and has this full report.

Union Protestor Attempts to Sabotage Speakers at Tea Party Rally

A union protestor tried to shut down the Tea Party rally in Madison on Saturday by pulling the cords out of the speakers during one of the speeches. He then became violent with the people who tried to plug the cords back in. Apparently to this union operative the right to free speech only extends to people he agrees with. Many Chicago Tea Party Patriots were there to eyewitness the event. The Daily Caller has the full story here, with video.

Chicago Tea Party on WLS-AM 890

Chicago Tea Party Coordinator Steve Stevlic appeared on WLS-AM 890 on Saturday with Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft to provide a live report from the Madison Tea Party rally. They discussed the rally, the union protestors, public education, Rahm Emanuel and more. Listen here.

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