Former Chicago Bears support Chico for Mayor and Super Bowl plan McMichael: Chico is one tough guy (And introducing Chico iPhone App)

From the Gery Chico for Chicago Mayor campaign…

(CHICAGO) Campaigning today at Manny’s Deli on the near Southside, Gery Chico received the support of two former Chicago Bears, one of whom played a key role on the 1985 Super Bowl Championship team.

Steve McMichael and Bruce Herron- part of the Bears’ legendary defense for several years- both said they believe Gery Chico is the most qualified, honest candidate to lead Chicago in a new direction.

“If Gery Chico was an ’85 Bear, I would have wanted him by my side blitzing because he is one tough guy,” said Steve “Mongo” McMichael. “Just look at what he did for education in the 90s! He’d make a great mayor.”

“Gery Chico is an honest man and that is exactly the kind of person we need as our next mayor,” Bruce Herron said.

McMichael and Herron also supported Chico’s vision to bring the Super Bowl to Chicago in 2015.

“It can be done and it would be a great thing for the city and provide a much-needed economic boost,” McMichael said. “Gery will be a mayor who thinks big and achieves big things.”

Chico welcomed the support from the same Bears players he admired as a young man.

“I remember watching these guys dominate opposing quarterbacks, so it’s a great feeling to know that they have my back,” Gery Chico said.

Other former Bears players supporting Chico are Dan Hampton, a member of the Super Bowl championship team, and Jim Osborne, who retired in 1984.

Following Chico on the campaign trail? There’s an App for that

(CHICAGO) With just two weeks to go until the Feb. 22 election, the Gery Chico for Mayor campaign recently launched an iPhone Application to help supporters get involved in the campaign. Dubbed “Chico 2.0,” the application provides instant access to the Chico campaign’s events schedule, news feed and campaign photos.

You can download the Gery Chico for Mayor iPhone App for free on iTunes by clicking here.

“Social media is a powerful way to bring people together. We want to give tech-savvy Chicagoans who are busy balancing their lives a chance to stay involved with our campaign,” Gery Chico said.

The Gery Chico for Mayor iPhone App includes the following features:

  • Follow Gery’s event schedule
  • Find scheduled events where you can support the campaign
  • Get the latest updates from Gery’s news feed
  • View photos from the campaign trail
  • Find the “easter egg” and get your Gery Chico wallpaper

The Gery Chico for Mayor campaign worked with Feltpad Web + Mobile to produce the iPhone App. Feltpad worked with campaign staff members and used App Administrator to ensure the app is updated at all times.

For more information, please visit

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