Adam Kinzinger Noted as One of 10 Conservatives Who’ll Define 2011

Slate has pointed out Adam Kinzinger (11th District) as one on the ten conservatives that will define the conservative movement for 2011.

Kinzinger has a lot of eyes upon him. Here is what Slate said of our Congressman-Elect from the 11th District.

Adam Kinzinger, U.S. representative from Illinois

It’s hard to predict which of the GOP’s dozens of House freshmen will make an impression. The new class includes not one but two car dealers who started running out of anger at “cash for clunkers.” New Republican women like Kristi Noem, Jaime Herrara, and Vicky Hartzler will produce all the “Mama Grizzly” spreads that editors could possibly want. But it’s Kinzinger–32, Iraq veteran, from Obama’s home state–who scored one of the most lopsided defeats of an incumbent in 2010, who joined Tim Scott (one of two black Republicans in the new House) in helping write the new Congress’ rules, and who’s got a seat on the energy and commerce committee, soon to become a grisly battlefield between environmentalists and climate-change skeptics.

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