Avoiding War at Any Costs Usually Costs Too Much

-By Resa LaRu Kirkland

When Secretary of State Dean Acheson declared that Korea was “not in our sphere of influence,” Communism paid attention. When President Truman removed all but 500 troops from the Korean peninsula prior to June, 1950, Communism paid attention. When Kim Il Sung, who had been trained in Marxism during his exile in Siberia, taught his people that Americans had a silly sentimentality about the individual human life and would hesitate to fire on screaming, unarmed civilians, his Communist soldiers listened, and went through villages on their rampage south forcefully conscripting young Korean men and forcing the old, female, and children to form a circle around them as they fired at our men, who did indeed hesitate to fire back, causing many Americans to die in the early days of the war.

And — you guessed it — Communism paid attention.

And when we allow Political Castration to stop us from profiling, when we allow leaders to vacation in decadent opulence while people are losing homes, jobs, and futures, when we refuse to call things that are evil “bad” and things that are righteous “good,” when we allow ourselves to be lied to about sub-launched missiles and contrails, when we restrain our soldiers from actually fighting and winning, when we ignore their desires to NOT have to serve with openly gay and fabulous members, when we give enemy groups extra rights while denying friends and allies basic rights, Communism pays attention.

Yesterday I communicated with a South Korean journalist who wished for his name and paper to remain anonymous. While I had originally written to him, it was he who queried me for an American view of what was happening in Korea and what I thought should be done. Here is the context of that communication:

SoKoJournalist: About four months after the Cheonan was torpedoed by North Korea, South Korea and the U.S. staged massive drills with the USS George Washington to send a “clear message” of deterrence to Pyongyang. But, it was responded by shelling Yeonpyeong Island last week. Again, the allies are conducting similar drills with the U.S. carrier off the peninsula. Do such drills really work in deterring North Korea?

WARCHICK: Clearly they don’t. It is just more of the same…NoKo behaves despicably, and consistently our only response seems to be a sternly worded letter. These drills do not at all work and they give NoKo a win-win situation. First, they get to use it as propaganda, as justification for more attacks because they constantly lie to their people, and second as a reason to attack should they choose to. They knew of this drill, as did China, long ago…absurd to believe the drills are doing anything, because NoKo knows that America and South Korea have their hands tied by a UN that is consistently anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Israel, anti-war in defense of democracy. While no one wants war, there are worse things, and NoKo stands as a shining example of what that is: the misery of Communism and Totalitarian Dictators. They know only too well how to play off those drills, use them to their advantage, with even Ban Ki-Moon calling for “rewarding” NoKo with food and aid! It is insanity to pay and reward evil behavior with what it wants…how on earth can we ever expect them to want to change if they keep getting what they want for each bad behavior?

And Communism paid attention.

SoKoJournalist: Some say South Korea falls short of its “willingness” in deterring North Korea, given what media say weak response to the North’s shelling. In your opinion, what’s the best way to deal with the North’s provocation?

WARCHICK: What can South Korea do? Their hands are tied by the UN and America demanding they show restraint. RESTRAINT? For crying out loud, the Cheonan and Yeonpyeong are absolutely declarations of war! Not only does South Korea have the right to take matters into their own hands, they have a moral obligation! Look at Israel; how many times has the UN demanded they do nothing when they are attacked repeatedly by enemy nations who have broken every treaty, truce, or document they’ve ever signed their names to. Israel has kept every single promise, as has South Korea. Islam and North Korea have NOT kept a single promise, truce, or framework they’ve ever signed their perverse names to. They deserve no more opportunities…in fact, they are decades beyond deserving anymore opportunities. I think it’s time for South Korea to tell the world to get out of their way…it is the most basic of human rights to defend self, family, home, nation, and freedom. For anyone to deny you those rights is about as evil as it gets.

Yet deny them we do; and Communism paid attention.

SoKoJournalist: Despite its superior military might, South Korea’s measured response, what many lawmakers and media blended “too weak,” to such acts of agression, makes them more likely to happen again, some analysts say. Do you agree?

WARCHICK: Absolutely, and the pattern of history agrees too. When have letters, sanctions, condemnations, or any other behavior that NoKo views as weak ever worked? No evil regime has ever voluntarily changed; they’ve BEEN change by those who said “Enough!”

I want you to know that most Americans are on the side of South Korea, that we believe that China has lied for decades, that they have NEVER intended to rein in NoKo, and that the good people of South Korea are NOT obligated to tolerate such aggressive evil. My deep down belief is that this is what happens when you don’t nip evil in the bud; the post-WWII division of Korea into north and south was only meant to be temporary. It is the evil of Communism and the UN that never reunited the nation as it should have been under freedom. Now, as a result, NoKo has been allowed to grow into a massive cancer rather than lancing it when it was more manageable. Look at the Palestinians–we should have stopped that when it started over 40 years ago, or stood back and allowed Israel to do so. Now it is utterly out of control, with gutless leaders of other Muslim nations too cowardly to do what needs to be done, only willing to tell the truth behind closed doors as Wikileaks now reveals. Pathetic.

South Korea is becoming the Israel of the Far East…it has the right to defend itself, but is under enormous international pressure not to by gutless international cowards.
And Communism paid attention…and reveled in it.

How do you deal with a country so delusional and unreasonable that they teach their school children that America attacked North Korea, that Kim Jong Il was born on Mt. Paeku, the tallest peak in Korea, under the sign of a rainbow and two new stars? That’s two stars…one more than Jesus Himself! Kim Il Sung’s mother was a Christian; the elder Kim was hoping the symbolism would be significant to Christians and Jews. Christians and Jews everywhere laughed.

Jong Il was actually born when daddy was in exile in Siberia. Oh, and did I mention that North Korean’s are taught that the “Great Leader” and the “Dear Leader” are part deity, with control over the winds, waters, and rains? Makes iron-fisted control even more crucial given the decade of the 1990’s that alternated between droughts and floods, and explains the burgeoning gulag system there during that time. Pesky questions are beneath TOTALitarian DICtatorS.

Hmmm…just realized how familiar that fear of tough questions sounds given this administration. Well what do you know….totalitarianism is contagious. So I guess the answer to how you deal with such delusional, unreasonable men can apply here, too.

And the answer is: you don’t. You cut them out of the equation and find a real man.

What’s worse than war? Hasn’t that questioned been answered multiple times in the past 100 years? Communism is worse than war!

But since we are no longer willing to fight, or to let other nations defend their freedoms, do you think Communism is paying attention?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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