The Village of Palatine Passes Its Own Cap and Trade Ordinance – Part 2

From the Palatine Tea Party…

The Village of Palatine Passes Another Cap and Trade Ordinance

(Palatine, Illinois) – The Palatine Village Council is following in the footsteps of the Obama Administration moving his progressive agenda forward at the local level. At the Village Council Meeting on December 13, 2010 the village unanimously passed its own version of Cap and Trade Ordinance without the “trade”. This would generate additional revenue to offset the Village of Palatine’s 2011 budget shortfall.

2011 Water/Sewer Tax Increase

Water Rate increase of $0.76 or 33% per 1,000 gallons of water
Sewer Rate increase $0.02 per 1,000 gallons of water

This Water and Sewer Tax will not be tax deductible for any property owner. Those on social security received no COLA increase and this Water and Sewer Tax will impact everyone that uses water. Those hit the hardest will include those on fixed incomes, unemployed, and low income families.

If you are outraged contact those Council members that voted in favor of this Water and Sewer Tax increase of 33% which include: District 1 – Aaron B. Del Mar (847) 894-0001, District 2 – Scott Lamerand (847) 894-0002, District 3 – Jim Clegg (847) 894-0003, District 4 – Greg Solberg (847) 894-0004, District 5 – Jack Wagner (847) 894-0005, and District 6 – Brad Helms (847) 894-0006. The Palatine Mayor is Jim Schwantz (847) 359-9007.

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