Ill. Policy Institute: Cancun Fiesta!‏

From the Illinois Policy Institute…

Climate Fiesta in Cancun!
The UN Climate Change Conference is underway in Cancun and Americans for Prosperity cut this video of climate change activists (you know, the ones who want to ration travel, energy, food, and the like) whooping it up at a beach party. Apparently, rationing is for the rest of us.

Spotlight on Spending: Foster Grandparents
Encouraging volunteerism among Illinois’s senior citizens is a worthy goal, with many benefits for both individual volunteers and those they serve, but is the Illinois state government doing a good job at accomplishing these goals—or should be looking for ways to increase senior involvement beyond government programs? Our latest Spotlight on Spending asks these questions.

Next Mayor of Chicago?
Many of the key players in the Chicago mayoral race will be attending an education debate held at Walter Payton High School on December 15, an event co-sponsored by the Illinois Policy Institute. Spaces are filling quickly, so register now!

Less than a Week…
Our holiday party is a less than a week away, and the space available is filling up quickly. Come hear Congressman Roskam’s reflections on successes and lessons learned in 2010, as well as what opportunities are on the horizon for Illinois in 2011.

Cartoon Blogging
Tic, tic, tic…there’s a ticking time bomb going on in Illinois, at least according to one political cartoonist. Is he referring to Medicaid, a looming tax hike, or something different? Find out on our blog. Needless to say, it’s a pretty apt metaphor.

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