Congressman Roskam Commemorates Veterans Day From Korea

From Congressman Peter Roskam…

Joins His father, a Korean War Veteran, At President Obama’s Remarks to Troops at Yongsan Garrison

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 11 – Congressman Peter Roskam issued the following statement in commemoration of Veterans Day:

“It is a privilege to be in Korea today with my father on the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War – a war which he fought bravely in to preserve freedom and halt the advance of Communism. My father, V.R. Roskam, has received an outpouring of thanks and appreciation from Koreans everywhere we’ve visited the last week. It’s a powerful lesson: the sacrifices our men and women in the Armed Forces have made to preserve freedom in almost every corner of the globe, even decades later, are not forgotten. The bustling capital city of Seoul, home to 12 million people, is testament to the generations of Americans who have helped ensure the existence of whole nations of free people.

Each generation renews this sacrifice and last month I spoke at the ceremony honoring Army Staff Sergeant Robert Miller, a native of my hometown of Wheaton, Illinois, and a hero who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery and courage in Afghanistan. I am continually moved when reflecting on what he did for this country to deserve such an award. It’s hard to believe sometimes that exceptional men like him walk amongst us. America is truly a blessed nation to have raise men like my father and Sgt. Miller.

The bravery and commitment, exemplified best by soldiers like these, not only reminds us of the great blessing we have as Americans, but also of the great obligation we have to lead by example, to exhibit compassion and tolerance, and to help those who would help themselves build a better future for their children and the world.

We are forever grateful for the generations of Americans who have fought to give others the freedom and opportunity to live better lives. Their service and their sacrifice, done for the protection of our freedoms and liberty, will always be remembered.”

Congressman Roskam has been tweeting throughout his trip to Korea this week and had this to say about his Father:

Very proud of Dad: combat Company Commander Korea 1952-53, 14th Infantry Regiment, 25th Division. Here w my mom in Korea. #Korea #vets

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