VIDEO: Black Panther Agitation Erupts at Houston Polling Places

-By Warner Todd Huston

**NOTE** The video below is of eyewitness accounts. There is no video of the incidents inside the polling places because it is illegal to record either sound or video inside a voting place in Texas. If the poll watchers had video tapped these incidents they would have been arrested. In fact, the Texas Sec. of State and Harris County Attorney specifically instructed poll watchers to leave cell phones turned off in the polling place.

Here in Houston, Texas, the Democrats and the extremists that support them were desperate to make the King Street Patriots their boogieman. They desperately wanted these fine patriotic, all-volunteer, grassrooters to be seen as wild-eyed racists that had as their sole purpose the disenfranchisement of the entirety of Houston’s minority community. For the most part the left’s goal evaded them, however.

For the whole of the two weeks of early voting, the Old Media and the Democrats attempted to stir hatred for the King Streeters, but ultimately all the left’s sound and fury amounted to no benefit for their illicit cause.

The KSP reported over a hundred incidents of elections laws being ignored, bent, and broken during the early voting phase of the election. For two solid weeks the Old Media in and around Houston were abuzz with the Streeter’s efforts.

In the early hours of voting on election day, things went smoothly and generally without incident. But all was not entirely quiet for the whole day. The most egregious incidents were perpetrated by Quanell X (formerly Ralph Evans) local leader of the race-based, militant New Black Panther Party.

Quanell X was witnessed illegally entering polling places with a New Black Panther entourage of at least 5 other New Black Panthers. Some were in uniform.

Certainly the New Black Panthers are not allowed to enter polling places without poll watcher credentials. They are absolutely not allowed to issue instructions to election officials which they were witnessed doing. In some instances, white poll watchers and white election officials were rejected from the polling places after these intruders had words with polling judges.

At district 202, for instance, a KSP poll watcher observed as ten members of the Black Panthers entered the polling place in order to confront poll watchers.

One KSP poll watcher was threatened forcing him to leave the polling place in fear of his personal safety. In a threatening manner the Black Panthers blocked the path of the two KSP poll watchers as they tried to leave. One of the poll watchers felt that they Panthers intended to physically attack them as soon as they left the polling place.

Interestingly, Houston Housing Authority police showed up at the same time the Panthers did at district 202. It is obvious that the Panthers tried to coordinate their activities in order to get maximum exposure for their actions.

The law states that it is illegal for such an organized group to invade a polling place like that and the sole purpose for this action was obviously to create a race-based incident between the poll watcher and the Black Panthers. It was little else but an attempt to manufacture a crisis.

District 202 wasn’t the only place the attackers appeared in the last hours that the polls were open. Several KSP poll watchers reported that the Black Panthers had organized a large force that spilt up to appear at several inner city polls at once in order to perpetrate their intimidation tactics against KSP poll watchers in an attempt to drive out the white people that were quietly at work observing the voting process.

In another incident in District 210 an alternate judge who lives in that district was chased out of the polling place due to the threatening demeanor of Quanell X and his gang of followers. The alternate judge left the polling place in the late afternoon in fear of her safety. This woman contacted the Harris GOP and was assured that she had every right to be in the polling place. Upon her return the Black Panthers continued their harassment until ultimately police threatened to arrest the alternate judge and bodily remove her from the premises. During none of this did the judge ever utter to her harassers more than the words “are you guys ready to vote today?”

But even with these attempts to manufacture a crisis, the efforts of the King Street Patriots were generally fruitful. While severe violations of the sanctity of the polling place was encountered the King Streeters seem to have been successful in serving notice to those who have for decades played havoc with the law and had their way at the polls. These people were put on notice that their general illicit behavior was going to be closely watched and duly reported.

Because of the bright light that the King Street Patriots shed on these polling places, the law breakers did not wreck as much damage as they might on the integrity of the vote here in Houston.

The efforts of the King Street Patriots will serve to help rid Houston of these sort of illegal activities into the future and their organization is an ideal model for others to emulate.
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Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. He has been writing opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and before that he wrote articles on U.S. history for several small American magazines. His political columns are featured on many websites such as Andrew Breitbart’s,, and, as well as,,,, among many, many others. Mr. Huston is also endlessly amused that one of his articles formed the basis of an article in Germany’s Der Spiegel Magazine in 2008.

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