: Almost Too Late to Freely Choose Your Side

-By Resa LaRu Kirkland

An illegal army. That’s what’s going on in the state named for the Father of our Nation. But what can you expect in a state where I actually coined the following bumper sticker after the 2004 Governor’s election: WASHINGTON—The Only State where winning 2 out of 3 vote counts means you lose!

I know you’ve all heard about it. Patty Murray, that liberal icon who supported Obama’s horrifying healthcare bill (in spite of how her state felt!), who demanded the people pay for her parenting class anyway in spite of no one wanting to take it, and who repeatedly elites, manipulates, and forces her will on a state that is getting fed up with her Islammunist ways, now has an army.

Not a legitimate institutionalized one, not even one made up of actual citizens of the state she wishes to represent. Nope, for she is above such things.

Patty Murray is above the law of the land she wishes to rule, and in such a twisted mind, all she is left with is the illegals among us.

Her recent headlining actions beg the question: what has she promised this illegitimate army of illegals if they help her?

To answer that, look to who and what she is by what she’s consistently done.

Fighting to keep your own cushy job isn’t a point of principle; it’s evidence of a narcissistic personality disorder.” –Ann Coulter

Murray’s enslavement to Mass’a Unions has siphoned away millions of dollars in jobs from our state, which thanks to decades of liberal politics which Murray drools over and supports, was already at the “enough!” point two decades ago.

“The imposition by the Mexican government of a new tariff on U.S. apple sales that takes effect Thursday lobs a potential $44 million cost at Washington apple growers, according to published estimates. The future hit will chase an estimated $25 million in economic costs stemming from Mexican tariffs on cherries, apricots and pears that have been in place since March 2009. During the same period a tariff on potatoes also cost Washington growers $28 million, causing ConAgra to shut down a processing plant in Prosser that had employed 250 people.” Bryan Myrick

Using illegal aliens, non-American citizens to garner votes in the biggest and most liberal area of Washington, Sea-Tac (she wouldn’t dare do it in the rest of the state, which is overwhelmingly conservative). Illegal (criminal) aliens.

Outright twisted wording in her ads about Rossi refusing to give women escaping abusive spouses unemployment benefits. That is your classic tactic of manipulators, liars, and narcissists; use emotion to disarm the logic center of the brain. For those of us who don’t knee jerk to such delusional tactics, why on earth should anyone give money meant for those who HAVE worked a job to someone who HASN’T worked a job? Is she trying in an insane sort of way to suggest that being abused is a profession, a career? Well, that fits with Politically Castrated Islammunist/Feminists; THEY’VE certainly made a career out of it!

Have I mentioned she fully supported O-care, the final nail in the coffin of freedom over our own selves? ‘Cause that one bears repeating, often and as loudly as humanly possible. That’s probably why he was there stumping for her this weekend, and why Biden was there last week, and why Michelle is gracing us with her angry elitist self this week. By their fruits, people, and haven’t you had enough of these fruits?

For crying out loud, people, ENOUGH! No more rewarding the tit-suckers of the world with bigger tits. It is pathetic how failed they are at their weaning, and the answer isn’t to keep them on the drug of other people’s money. Make Murray sing for her supper, but make her do it on her own for once in her miserable life. Stop supporting this maniacal, pathetic drain on society, all the maniacal, pathetic drains on our nation, for that matter. Time to kick them out of the nest and let them crash or soar like the rest of us.

It’s time to choose sides.

In a nation taught through decades of Politically Castrated indoctrination that there is no right and wrong, everything is equal and even, blah blah blah, it’s time to look up the word “man,” borrow a set of my balls, and play Let’s Pretend! Time to choose your side while you still can. We are fast losing our freedoms and our voice over our own lives, and it’s because we refuse to excise these cancerous tumors that are sucking us dry. We have the technology people, and the (for now) right to choose. We are expected, nay, COMMANDED to choose, and we have everything we need to do so wisely and righteously. We have dropped the ball thus far; the proof is in the pathetic blobs of pudding we have over us now. But that is no excuse for continuing the trend.

Choose ye this day, people…’cause at the rate we’re going, we don’t have many left as (relatively) free men. ‘Cause what has Murray promised her army? The same thing she’s promised everyone else bellying up to the boob-bar: everything someone else has.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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