October Surprise: Seal Endorses Robert Dold

From the Dold for Congress campaign (10th District)…

Winnetka, IL – Tenth District Congressional candidate Robert Dold launched a new upbeat ad today titled “Seals for Dold”. The 30-second spot features a talking seal that takes a humorous look at opponent Dan Seals. The ad highlights the fact that Seals still doesn’t live in the 10th District despite three bids for Congress, and that he supports destructive fiscal policies that will hurt the economy and hamper job growth.

The ad was created by Chicago-based agency, First Tuesday, which is also the maker of the catchy “Dold With A ‘D’” ad, a light-hearted play on Dold’s last name.

OPENING: “And now, a very special political endorsement.”

SEAL: “Dan Seals is a proud resident of the 10th District.”
ANNOUNCER: “Actually, he’s not!”
SEAL: “What!? He’s not?”
SEAL: “Dan Seals is a tax fighter!”
ANNOUNCER: “Nope, he’s all about raising taxes and increasing government spending.”
SEAL: “Awww, for real, broheim?”
SEAL: “Dan Seals is a fresh new candidate.”
ANNOUNCER: “ Naw, he’s run like two times already and lost. I think he was running since before there were like iPods.”
SEAL: “What the…?”
SEAL: “Look if you want common sense leadership in Congress, lower taxes and more jobs, just vote for Robert Dold. Alrighty, arf, arf, where’s my fish treat?”

About Robert Dold:
Robert Dold owns and operates a small business, Rose Pest Solutions, located in Northfield, IL. A graduate of New Trier High School, Dold earned a law degree from Indiana University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He worked on Capitol Hill as investigative counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee before returning to the 10th Congressional District to work and raise his family.

Visit www.DoldForCongress for more information.

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