NO on Justice Kilbride: $1.25 Million Dollars


That’s how much cash Illinois Supreme Court Justice Tom Kilbride’s campaign has received from the Illinois Democratic Party.

He’s used much of that money to pay for slick TV ads and direct mail pieces to cover up his record of siding with criminals over victims and law enforcement.

Now it’s our turn to tell the truth.

Justice Kilbride has sided with criminals over victims and law enforcement over and over again.

He’s done it way more than any other of his fellow Illinois Supreme Court Justices. That kind of record is too extreme for Illinois.

Please don’t let him hide from his record. Please watch our new ad — and then click here to forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues.

Judge Kilbride is a liberal, Democratic extremist. That’s why we urge you to vote NO on Kilbride on November 2.


Ed Murnane

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